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The Concept of Windigo as used in "Three Day Road"

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Zoe PC

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Concept of Windigo as used in "Three Day Road"

The Concept of Windigo as used in "Three Day Road"
Representation in "Three Day Road"
Representation in European and First Nations Culture
"Windigo Psychosis"
Windigo as a result of hardship or suffering
Windigo used as a metaphor throughout the novel.
First Nations Culture
European Culture
Role of the Hookimaw
A culture-specific syndrome of some Canadian autochthones (original or indigenous inhabitants of a place), consisting of delusions of being transformed into a cannibalistic monster called a windigo, or wittigo. The sufferer also experiences agitation, depression, and fears about inability to control sadistic impulses.
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