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Using Live Chat to Bridge the Gap

No description

Jill Burgett

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Using Live Chat to Bridge the Gap

Using Live Chat
to Bridge the Gap

Why Use
Live Chat


In Conclusion
Research showed biggest challenges were faculty learning the technology and how to manage the online environment.
Ellingson and Notbohm (2012)
Researchers looked at satisfaction as being related to motivation by listening to what students want as part of the online experience. Some key elements were maintaining frequent interaction, having a regular presence, and making expectations clear.
Dennen, Darabi, Aubeteen, and Smith (2007)
Research showed that classes needed to have a meaningful activity, one that supports the content in some way to have a positive impact on perception. In other words, just requiring the use of a synchronous session was not what students perceived as being important. The example used in the article was office hours. Just having “live” office hours was not perceived to have a benefit.
Carver, Todd, Hahn, and Mukherjee (2013)
Faculty Training
Janell Gibson, Parker University
Dr. Jeanne Bedell, Keiser University
Jill Burgett, Keiser University

and Tools
Teaching Difficult Concepts
33% decrease in the number of students that dropped the classes
40% decrease in the students that scored below a C

Engaging and Motivating
Regular Presence and Class Expectation
Social Interaction
McInnerney and Roberts (2004) found the synchronous component gives students a feeling of social interaction.

Clear Direction and Explanation
Develop and maintain quality distance learning courses

(1) Apply the main features
(2) Learn the steps needed to create a successful live chat session that includes both innovative design and faculty interaction.
(3) Identify how those improvements can be made based on the ideas presented during this session.

Training Session
Technology Tutorial
Developing a process for training faculty
Questions and Comments
Prepare Students for technology
Students Understanding Technology
Virtual Field Trip
Preparing Your
Powerpoint Presentation
Interactive Activity
How can this be better?
Live Tutorial
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