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Open source software

No description

Emily Haynes

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Open source software

Back ground information What is it? By: Emily Haynes Software you buy now:
Compiled ready-to-run version
Source code runs though the compiled
Translates the source code
Difficult to modify
Control over the quality and features found
all software is copyright protected What makes it a open
source software? there is a list of criteria to be an open source code Integrity of the author's Source Code License Must Not Restrict Other Software License Must Be Technology-Neutral Free Redistribution all modifications must be distributed under the same terms of the original software license Derived Works has to be included with a package or system this cannot be disturbed on its own the modified form cannot be distribution unless the license allows patch files to go with the source No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups must not discriminate against anyone No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor anyone can use open source Distribution of License when redistributed the license must be attached License Must Not Be Specific to a Product the rights that demean with the distributed program have to stay the same as the original software restrictions cannot be placed on other software that is distributed with it Open Source Software Source Code has to be included in the program its computer software
also includes open source license
allows to study, charge, and distribute the software History 1984 Richard Stallman begins GNU Project 1985 Stallman establish Free Software Foundation 1990 GNU Project almost done 1991 Linus Torvalds releases Linux version 0.01 and GNU is complete 1994 March, Linux 1.0 is release 1997 "Bliss" a viris in Linux was discovered 1998 Ralph Nader petitions PC manufacturers to offer systems with the Linux 1999 January 2.2 version of the Linux was released 1999 February Open Source users don't like Mircosoft's Windows that come with the new computers 1993 - AT&T Sells UNIX system to Novell 1994 August, William R. and Della Croce, Jr. goes to court for ownership of Linux and demands money from Linux community 1995 Novell sells UNIX to SCO 2003 SCO sues IBM because they used part of Unix in Linux 2004 SCO sues AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler in Nevada and Michigan. Can't be base off of an interface or individual technology The End What is the future? Open Source is thriving
no real change will happen to open source The End!
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