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The Tempest PEE

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of The Tempest PEE

Inference and analysing words
Remember to say what the quote tells you about Prospero's personality and his relationships with other characters.
The Tempest PEE
Your task - complete the PEE table.
Your Pee table needs completing. It should be as clear as possible!
In act one scene two of The Tempest, Prospero is shown to be very manipulative towards Ariel.
After initially being kind towards him, Prospero gets angry and calls him "a malignant thing", when Ariel asks for his freedom.
This shows that Prospero is kind when he wants something from Ariel, but lashes out when he is challenged, which is a way to control him.
The word "malignant" might make the reader think of something harmful and dangerous, which is how Prospero is making Ariel feel.
Now pick the line on your table that you feel the best about.
Write this as a PEEA paragraph in your book. You may need to add in extra words to make it really clear and well organised.
What makes a good PEE paragraph?
Interesting points to answer the question!

Question: What do we learn about Prospero in act one, scene 2.

We learn that Prospero is bad

We learn that Prospero likes to control other people.....

In act one scene two, we can see that Prospero is angry at the people who work for him.....
Quiet reading
Planners and equipment should be on your desk.
Purple Pen Tasks
Complete the slip about your Caliban diary entry.

Look through your books for any corrections.

Answer this question:
How do you think you have progressed in English this term?
Don't just repeat your point!
Picking out words and looking at what they mean is a level 5 skill!
Remember - words can have connotations, or can symbolise other things.
"poisonous" makes you think of death
Literacy starter - pronouns
Sally forgot to do Sally's homework, so Sally went to the library and Sally used the computer there to get Sally's work done. Sally took Sally's work to class and Sally handed it in on time.
Her She
Sally forgot to do her homework, so she went to the library and she used the computer there to get her work done. She took her work to class and she handed it in on time.
Stand up, Hand up
Read your paragraph to your partner:

Have they used a quote?
Have they explained the quote?
Have they inferred what the quote tells us about Prospero?
Have they zoomed in on a word?
Praise and then find a new partner
Swap books and mark each other's work.
Look out for:
Sentence Structure!
You will complete one killer PEEA


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