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Social Studies Findings

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Lucas Wang

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Social Studies Findings

Social Studies Findings
What were the major achievements of Funan?
a) It was one of the first major kingdoms of the region.

b) The Khmer empire flourish for very long.
Why were these achievements possibles?
a) A person came to Cambodia's Great Lake married a local princess, then found Funan.

b) A long succession of strong leaders enabled it to flourish for so long due to trading with many countries.
Funan, Cambodia
How did Funan become an important kingdom?

a) It was a major trading port in Southeast Asia

b) There were many ancient sculptures that shows how Funan kindom was founded
How did Srivijaya become an important kingdom?

a) Founded by someone who led soldiers to Palembang and Jambi.

b) Many sculpture in it.
What were the major achievements of Srivijaya?
a) It flourished between the 7th and the 13th century.

b) It became very powerful and is a major trading port.
Why were these achievements possible?
International sea trade. They made better sculptures and goods which attracted USA, China and India to trade more.

The two kingdom had became a huge, recognised trading port
Established International Sea Trade
The leaders then created many different and outstanding goods
Funan was found in the first century
Srivijaya was found in the 7th century
Srivijaya had many close rivalries with its neighbouring kingdom
Funan flourished much longer than Srivijaya
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