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Senior Project

Senior Seminar Project for graduation

Jeannie Pingel

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project

*Learning about the machines
-Electro Magnetic or Coil
Tattoo Artist
Jeannie Pingel
How does a tattoo artist become successful in learning the trade, as well as safely creating professional & beautiful pieces of art for the body?
Why did I choose this path?
*I Love People!
*Art is my passion
*Tattooing can take you places
*I am a night owl
*Tattooing is a career at your own pace
*I strive to be open minded, and so is the business
What did I
*Learn techniques and skills used by tattoo artists
-How to use machine, set up, & clean up
-Knowing your BBP
-Proper etiquettes
*I tattooed a Grapefruit!
*Learned that this career is the place for me!
My Mentor

Owner and Tattoo artist at Black Hole Piercing & Tattoo in NE Portland, as well as a second location in SW Beaverton
Jay Walker
*Essential Question*
Career Specific Skills
*Understand and apply the elements of design
*learn how design works of art for the body
*working accordingly
*changing perspective
*stretching skin
*Understand the purpose and practice of critiquing works of art
*ideas needing to be changed
*simplifying things
*knowing whats best for the client
*having prejudices
*knowing when something isn't right
*Maintain a Safe Working environment
*keeping client comfy
*being aware of diseases
*protecting yourself as a tattooer
*being weary of everything
*Use problem solving & critical thinking skills to solve problems and produce quality products/services/ideas
*changing previous tattoos
*hiding scars
*different body types
*enhancing features
*Understand the uses of technology within the field
*changing styles
*changing inks
*changing needles
*new machine styles
My Mentor and I
*Talked for many hours
*He taught me:
-process of tattooing
-techniques used
-medical aspects
-where I should start
*Personal Management*
*respectful to all people
*Giving clients different ideas
*Achieving my goals on time
*Knowing when you cant do something
*Getting project done before other things
*Keeping myself clean, to keep everywhere else clean
*Problem Solving*
*Employment Foundations*
*Career Development*
Challenges and Successes
*Getting in contact
*Setting up correctly
-Avoiding damage
*Being cautious
*Always being aware of possible problems
-sticking yourself
-undesirable clients
*Digging into the skin
-uncomfortable client
-ruins canvas(skin)
-can't go over it again
*MUST clean up correctly
-avoids contamination
-hurting yourself
-ruining next pieces
-avoids diseases
-its good business
*Successfully tattooed a grapefruit step by step avoiding these complications, keeping myself safe as well as my client(grapefruit) safe.
Process of Tattooing a Client? (in this case a grapefruit)
*Cleaning your station and machine
*Gloves on for safety
*Washing hands using song technique
*Cleaning Client(grapefruit)
*Finding idea(design)
*Creating stencil
*Applying stencil
*Getting station covered
*Preparing machine
*Keeping skin clean while tattooing
*Tattooing in order
-Line work
*Final clean up of client
-Wrap up
-Give instructions
*Final Clean up of Station and tools
-everything trashed
-needles in bio hazard bin
-tubes in auto-clave
-machine disinfected along with station
*You can now take off gloves
Creative Process
Prep Work
After the Fact
*Dealing with situations correctly
*Tattooing curved surface
*Flaky Clients
*Machine not working correctly from human error
*Skin types being harder or easier to tattoo
*Clients not willing to be flexible with ideas
*Understanding clients idea
*Kept in contact with my mentor ALOT
*Listening to my mentor
*Asking many questions
*Discussing my future plans with my mentor, family, and friends
*Working well with my mentor
*Have to be courteous to clients
*Working well with co-workers helps whole environment
*Cleaning everywhere, not just your own stuff
*Tight space, gotta share
*Always have to know what the client is thinking
*Need to know how a machine works
*Changing styles within the business
*Being open minded with ALL
*Having a schedule and keeping with it
*Learned how things are done
*Got a job offer from my mentor as a counter employee(receptionist)
*Eventually needing my tattoo license
*Will go to an art college once I have my license
*Following my passion
So, What have I Learned?
*This is a career I plan on actively pursuing
*I am going to go to college sometime in the furture
*I am going to travel with tattooing
*Tattooing is fun!
*Getting licensed is hard work, but I will achieve it
Small details
make a difference!
*taking BBP classes
*Taking BBP classes
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