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University of Szeged - Vékony Réka

No description

Réka Vékony

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of University of Szeged - Vékony Réka

The Counter Brains
There is a country in the heart of Europe with a city in it called...
And there is a university in this city which have 12 districts or we can call faculties with around 30.000 students.
The doctors
They ignore anything else and concentrate on their studies for five years.
The jurists
They are the greatest enemies of the counters and have the chance to win the games
The arts students
They have a big knowledge because there are a lot of different courses. For example History, English and Literature. With these they could win the competition.
The medical students
They are good in the games so the counters fear of them.
The dentists
Just like the future doctors the dentists learn a lot and have no time to prepare for the games.
The pharmacists
We couldn't make a difference among them and the doctors or dentists that is why the people from GYTK are not dangerous for the counters either.
The future teachers
They want to be the best and honestly they have a chance cause there are a lot of students.
The engineers
They would be great in the games, but don't really care about it.
The agriculture students
This institute is in another city that's why they usually do not take part in the contest.
The scientists and informatics students
The counters have to take care of them cause here is the biggest number of people in the University plus they are smart.
The musicians
In this district there are just a few people compare to the others, so they are not so respectable, and have no chance to be winners.
From day to day all of the students live in peace next to each other but the game day is coming...

Let's see some facts about this district:
it was founded in 1994
there are 3 BA courses: finance and accounting, commerce and marketing, business administration and management
there are 5 more MA courses
one of the best in the country by profession, the employers, and the students as well.
there are about 1200 students in the faculty
In this year the game will be really dangerous.
The groups have to...
Choose a district and support it!

Enjoy what you see because the game is for you people!

May the best group win!
Let's see the enemies of
the Counter Brains
One of the districts really worked for the success. This is quite a new faculty. It's name is Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. We call them the

...solve different problems...
...while they are fighting against each other...
...for their pride and honour.
The city of sunshine.
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