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Water Treating Process

It's how you make your water clean:)

Tanya Bug

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Water Treating Process

In Take Chemical Addition Cogulation and Floculation Filtration Chlorine Storage Distribution Lime and Alum are added to the water so that during Floculation, the contamiated water particals clump. When the water starts moving, the dirty water will start clumping and getting bigger. Sedimentation When the water stops, the clumps will start to settle and fall to the bottom. All the clumps at the bottom will be filtered out leaving only water during the filteration process.
Not all the bacteria has been removed during the past procedures. That`s why we use chlorine to get the water as fresh as t can get. The Water is then taken to Storage.The Chlorine will settle so it won`t be bad to ingest. The water is know given back to the community and the cycle begins once again. Water Purification The End
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