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Multimedia Authoring Metaphors .

No description

Sana'a Nasser

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Multimedia Authoring Metaphors .

Multimedia Authoring Metaphors. Multimedia metaphor :

is a set of user interface visuals, actions and procedures that exploit specific knowledge that users already have of other domains. The purpose of the interface metaphor is to give the user instantaneous knowledge about how to interact with the user interface. Multimedia Authoring Metaphors : 1. Scripting Language Metaphor : use a special language to enable interactivity (buttons, mouse, etc.), and to allow conditionals, jumps, loops, functions/macros etc. Multimedia authoring: creation of multimedia productions, sometimes called “videos" or “presentations".

the types of multimedia authoring :
–Multimedia Authoring Metaphors
–Multimedia Production
–Multimedia Presentation
–Automatic Authoring 2. Slide Show Metaphor: A linear presentation by default, although tools exist to perform jumps in slide shows. 3. Hierarchical Metaphor: User-controllable elements are organized into a tree structure often used in menu-driven applications. 5. Iconic/Flow-control Metaphor: Graphical icons are available in a toolbox, and authoring proceeds by creating a flow chart with icons attached . 6. Card/Scripting Metaphor: Uses a simple index-card structure - easy route to producing applications that use hypertext or hypermedia; used in schools.
–Time is shown horizontally; like a spreadsheet: rows, or tracks, represent instantiations of characters in a multimedia production.
–Multimedia elements are drawn from a cast of characters, and scripts are basically event-procedures or procedures that are triggered by timer events.
–Director, by Macromedia, is the chief example of this metaphor. Director uses the Lingo scripting language, an object-oriented event-driven language. 1. Scripting Language Metaphor.
2. Slide Show Metaphor.
3. Hierarchical Metaphor.
4. Iconic/Flow-control Metaphor.
5. Frames Metaphor.
6. Card/Scripting Metaphor.
7. Cast/Score/Scripting Metaphor. Esra'a abu Safar 4. Frames Metaphor : Like Iconic/ Flow-control Metaphor; however links between icons are more conceptual, rather than representing the actual flow of the program . 7. Cast/Score/Scripting Metaphor: presented by : Sana'a Nasser
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