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Animation vs Graphic Design

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Brittany Longoria

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Animation vs Graphic Design

animation vs Graphic Design by Brittany Longoria So what exactly is the difference in these two careers? FIRST ANIMATION: "An animator is an artist who takes an idea and brings it to life using a series of drawings, either life-like or in a cartoon style, in order to communicate a message or tell a story."
Animation- The simulation of movement created by displaying a series of frames/pictures in sequence. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT WE ALL REALLY CARE ABOUT... THE SALARY!!! Animator Salary Data: Lowest Salaries $31,570
Average Salaries $56,330
Highest Salaries $100,39 Animator Salaries By Industry:
Motion/Video Industries 71,910
Advertising Services 57,740
Software Publishers 64,820
Design Services 70,770 1. Demand is on the rise.

2. You get to be creative.

3. Good salary potential.
4. Advancement potential.
5. Use the latest technology. 6. Flexible work schedule.(not necessaryily ALWAYS true..) State: City/Area: Annual Salary: Texas Austin-Round Rock TX
$74,530 Graphic Design: "Graphic designers specialize in visual communication. They use color, print, illustration, animation, photography, and a variety of layout techniques to get a particular message across; their work can be seen in magazines, online, and in television advertisements, among numerous other media." Okay now that we have that down..what is graphic design? but now... Graphic designer salaries:
Lowest Salaries $24,120
Average Salaries $39,900
Highest Salaries $69,730 It is recommended that... You should acquire your bachelor's degree if you'd like to go into the field of graphic design too. Web design and animation experience are also a good thing to have under your belt if you want to go into this profession. competition in this field is INTENSE..graphic design jobs are expected to grow by 13% over the next ten years... Generally those that have web and animation experience have an edge over those that don't.. :) State: Texas

City/Area: Austin-Round Rock TX

Annual Salary: $46,040 Graphic Design: Local Animation salary: Local How about graphic designers? what do they make? Now that we have a set salary in mind, how do we get there? you have formal education/experience in animation and knowledge of the principles of animation (we've got to know those principles you guys!) if you plan to pursue animation as a career. the more experience you have the more you'd get paid..generally speaking. You should obtain at least a bachelor's degree to get you hired in this profession. You will also need to prepare a porfolio. This will show employers and schools your capability and skills. Other Reason These Jobs Are Awesome: 1. you get to be creative and artsy on the job
2. both are fast growing industries
3. you can make a difference/get a message across with the help of your creations.
4. self-employment opportunities.
5. using the latest technology.
the list goes on... School Options... There is a wide variety of colleges/universities in our area for these fields.. ONe Option is.. The art institutes Local Locations: Austin, Dallas, Fortworth, Houston, and San Antonio You can find plenty of schools in texas focusing on art.. which is what both animation and graphic design are.. So In CoNcLuSiOn: If you want to go into one of these professions, find a school that has the major you want.. Get your bachelor's degree!! Begin putting a portfolio together NOW! and just have fun with it..
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