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Detective Conan

Posters and stills from movie 1 to movie 14

Franklin Guo

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of Detective Conan

1997 The Time Bomb Skyscraper 1998 The 14th Target 1999 The Last Wizard of the Century 2000 Captured in Her Eyes 2001 Count Down to Heaven 2002 The Phantom of Baker Street 2003 Crossroad in the Ancient Capital 2004 Magician of the Silver Sky 2005 Strategy Above the Depths 2006 The Private Eyes' Requiem 2007 Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure 2008 Full Score of Fear 2009 The Raven Chaser 2010 The Lost Ship in the Sky 2011 ?????????? I finaly see you again... I will never forget you!!
Stop playing games...KID!
......I like you... Do you know what it feels like to lost someone you love? Shinichi Kudo.... Kill a guard and you call it a game!? Are you using us as bait!?!? Just like Ann and Mary This Song.... #969#6261 Blast him out!! Who are you? Run....he's...!!!!! What.....?!?! Who is he!?!?!? You are correct! GIN Vermouth Chianti Vodka
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