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Artemis Fowl~The Lost Colony

No description

Zania M

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Artemis Fowl~The Lost Colony


Archetype: The Reluctant Hero

Evidence: In the middle of the novel "The Giver" by Lois Lowry when Jonas was doing his "training" he realize he would have to give up more things with the job of the giver he didnt want the job he just wanted a "normal life". -page 121

Evidence: In the end of the novel Jonas actually realized everythimg that he could do that was good, he saved Gabriel his younger brother with his "powers".- pages 177-178
In this novel they live off in gated community, where everyone is controled. The setting is important in this novel because it shows in the beginning of the book when they got the "visitors" who acted way diffrent from them, they weren't uptight and so serious about everything as Jonas society is. So therefore the setting in this book is important because it shows the diffrence.
This novel is a Dystopian/Fantasy novel, it takes place in the future where everyone has to obey by the rules given to the and not to obey by anything else. Their society is very controlling, they control what they see, what they become, who they marry etc., the characters are controlled by society.
In this book The Giver the character lives in a society where everyone is the same basically. Everyone is not their own person. Everyone goes by the rules. Jonas a young,calm character who also keeps to himself, Jonas was selected at the ceremony of 12's to be given the job as "The Giver". With this job he experiences true sadness and pain.
Zania May
The Giver~Lois Lowry
The Giver
Character affected by setting
Big idea: Jonas is more uptight and grown up than Asher who is carefree.
"he has shown intellagence, integrity, and courage." page 62 The words of the Elder on Jonas.
Everyone capped for Jonas as he was given the job as "The Giver"-page 62
The Giver
he has been late to class a lot.-page 3
he is calm and chilled.
people lauged at him as he was given the job to care for the 6s because of his chilled personality. -page 54
Asher went from a volunteer at the house of the old to working for the children and he barely showed that he cared. -page 54
Big Idea: Asher is a carefee and layed back type of character unlike most in his society.

Asher is late to class a repeated amount of times.-page 3
Asher was laughed at by everyone because he is diffrent from everyone else in his society.page 54
Asher went from a volunteer at the house of the old to caring for the children and he didnt really care.-page 54
Archetype: The mentor

he taught Jonas everything, how to see colors, how to take the pain away from people etc.
he was an elderly man,who was very wise.
he tried to treated Jonas more as he was friend but still mentored him.
Theme #1
Theme: Things can be tough in beginning but you have to hang in there and keep trying because you will succeed.
Beginning:Jonas didn't agree with the rules, but he followed them still.
Middle: Jonas was given the job as the receiver and at first he didn't like the job when he realizes all the responsibilities he has and he wants a "normal life".-page 121
End: Jonas realized what good he could do and he ended up saving his brother's life.-177-178
Theme: If you just follow the rules things will be easy.

Jonas didn't really agree with the rules yet he still followed them and didn't talk against them like most.
Jonas saw the plane flew by he was curious but he did as he was told by the speaker to put the bike down and go. Pages 1-2
Theme #2
Theme: Sometimes things happen to better you and make you stronger.
Jonas was given the job as the receiver and he experienced true pain physically and emotions.
He couldn't share these expeirences with anyone, not with his family or his friends. That mad him alittle upset and he just wanted a "normal life". He didnt want to deal with this he wanted to be "normal" as everyone else in his society.-page 121
Overall mood for this story was suspensful , because it kept you guessing and asking questions on what the character will do next. For example when things were really tough for Jonas it had me thinking if he would try to give up because he didn't like what was happening to him, not being able to share all that he is expierencing with his family. But he didn't stop trying to be the giver, he couldn't, so in the end he did good with his "powers" and he saved his brother Gabriel (page 121).
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