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Tolerance Web Quest (Holocaust)

No description

savanna wurl

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Tolerance Web Quest (Holocaust)

Tolerance Web Quest (Holocaust)
What was the event you researched and how did tolerance play a key role in the occurrence of this event?
who are the key figures in this event and what is their background?
When did the event occur in history and what impact did it have on tolerance throughout history?
The event that I researched was the Holocaust. How tolerance played a key role in the occurrence of this event was that there wasn't any. Hitler believed that the Jews should not live because they weren't Germans and they didn't believe in the same things as them. If someone even looked like a Jew they were sent to a concentration camp.
The key figure in this event was Hitler. Hitler's background is he grew up in a small Austrian village of Braunua just across the border from Germany. His parents were related to each other. When Hitler was born he was soon baptized in a Roman Catholic church. Hitler was one of five children, so he did not get a lot of attention growing up. It was actually believed that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish.
The Holocaust happened in 1933-1945. The impact this event had on tolerance throughout history is you should not hate, hurt, or punish someone who doesn't look like you or believe in the same things as you. Hitler believed if you did not have blonde hair or blue eyes then you were a jew and you would be sent away. Another thing Hitler did was he brainwashed all the Germans that the Jews were going to go to a good, okay, and safe place. What people have learned from this major event in history is you should never kill someone over what they believe or look like, you just have to tolerate it.
Where did the event take place and how did it change the idea of tolerance in the place?
The Holocaust happened in many different European countries like Germany, Poland, The Soviet Union, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Lithuania and Greece. All of those places I just listed the Nazis and control over. During the Holocaust tolerance was changed a lot, I do believe there was no tolerance at all. The Germans were taught not to like anybody that didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes.
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