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Copy of Copy of Copy of Project Title : Mobile Chat Application (Bluetooth technology)

No description

Xhan Khan

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Project Title : Mobile Chat Application (Bluetooth technology)

Mobile Chat Application (Bluetooth technology) Name :Mohamed Nusky Lafeer

Project Title : Mobile Chat Application (Bluetooth technology)
Project About :

Usage of Mobile Application
Enhance of Current Technology
Solution for free communication
Usage of Bluetooth Technology

Aim : Implement a Bluetooth chat application where two or more users can interact each other free of ISP charges.
Aim and Objectives Existing Systems

Simple Bluetooth Chat Application usage of Visual Studio .NET 2003
Bluetooth Chat App for I Phone and iPod touch
Apple Co-operation.

How it Functional Usage for my J2me Bluetooth Chat Application.

Manual Systems
Paper Forwarding
Sticky Notes


1. Research on Mobile Applications.
2. Acquire Necessary Requirements.
3. Research on Bluetooth technology.
4. Learning Netbeans mobility and J2ME technology.
5. Analysis of Previously Made Bluetooth Related Applications.
6. Capture System Specifications. (Functional / Non Functional)
7. Research on System Models.
8. Select the Appropriate System Model.
9. Produce the Application Design.
10. Implement the System.
11. Execute and Document Test Cases.
12. Evaluate System.
Literature Review Operating System
Using Windows Seven O/S

J2ME (Java to micro Edition)

Languages Dropped After Analyze
Objective-C (Used to create I phone Applications)
Methodologies Process Models

Prototype Model
Reference for Prototype Process : Ian sommarville Software Engneering 6th Edi Chapter 08
MIDP-MIDlet Implementation (Mbile Information Deivce Profile) Ref : Cracking The Code 2002 Chapter 04

Design Notations

UML (Unified Modeling Language)
DFD (Data Flow Diagram)

Requirement Capture


Progress To Date Learn advance J2ME techniques to build mobile application and to design application
interface using Netbeans.

Some technical keywords that would get involve with my project.
PAN (Personal Area Network)
J2ME (Java to Micro Edition)
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
Cracking The Code With J2ME Application Dreamtech Software Team pub:- 2002
Ian Sommerville Software Engineering 6th Edition
D. Gratton, Bluetooth Profiles, The Definitive Guide, First Edition, Prentice Hall,
Motivations for Choosing the project
Nowadays people do lack in face to face communication.
People Feel embarassing to expose their thoughts in public. Mohamed Nusky
Student Number : 21204356 Technologies MOBILE CHAT APPLICATION
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