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Confessions: The private School Murders

No description

Bryn Harding

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Confessions: The private School Murders

Confessions: The Private School Murders
By: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Bryn Harding P6

Main Characters
Tandoori "Tandy"Angel: A 16 year old girl, who's tall and fit with beautiful long brown hair. Tandy is brilliant, emotional, courageous, daring and a millionaire. She helps solve several murders in NYC including her parents.
Departing Summary:
In then end:
-Tandy finds her one true love.
-Matthews is pardoned.
-Hugo regains his idol, his older brother.
-Harry is at peace and has found love.
-Jacob fulfills an empty hole in the Angel family.
-The Angels don't end up in foster care.
-Tandy solves the private School Murders case.
-James is discovered and found.
-The Angel family is living at ease and full of emotion for once.
-Everyone lives happily....... for now.
James Patterson
Maxine Paetro
Patterson is an American author known for his fictional psychologist book Alex Cross. Patterson has had many best sellers accumulating to over 270 million book sold. Including fiction, non-fiction, romantic and mystery novels.
Paetro is an American author that has collaborated with Patterson on several murder mystery novels. Paetro has also several successful stand alone novels and has been published since 1979.
Matthew Angel: Tandy's older brother a NFL player for the New York Giants. Matt is very bulky guy with blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. He's accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend Tamera and there unborn child Trevor.
Harrison "Harry" Angel: Tandy's 16 year old twin brother, who's tall and lanky. He's extremely smart, logical, funny and shy.
Hugo Angel: Is Tandy's youngest brother and the youngest child. He's witty, a smart alac, emotional, and childish.
Jacob Perlman: The Angel families unknown uncle, a retired Isreali commando. He comes to live with the angels and takes over as there legal guardian after Uncle Peter quits. He shows them love, protection and what family really means.
Minor Characters
"C.P" Claudia Portman: Tandy's best friend and partner in crime.
Philippe Montaigne: The Angel's lawyer and close family friend.
Tamara and Trevor Gee: Matty's deceased girlfriend and unborn son.
James Rampling: Tandy's first and only true love. He's the son of Royal Rampling the man who sues Angel Pharmaceuticals for all its worth.
Malcolm and Maud Angel: Deceased millionaire parents of the Angel children and owners of Angel Pharmaceuticals.
Sergeant Capricorn Capututo: NYPD who was assigned to Malcolm and Mauds murder who became a close friend to Tandy.
Tandy Angel
Plot Summary(Basic):
The Angel children have been through a ton in the past 3 months. Starting with the death of their psycho millionaire parents, who used them as experimental guinea pigs for there drug company. None of the Angel's are normal. Matthew, is on trial for the homicide of his girlfriend and unborn child. While Tandy is trying to figure out the killer behind all the wealthy private school murders. She also is trying to figure out who James is? and what exactly happened at "Fern Haven"? In the midst of all this the Angel family is preparing to leave their million dollar life and be thrown into the foster family system. When suddenly their secret uncle Jacob Perlman takes over as their parental guardian. For the first time the Angel kids are shown that someone really does love and care for them.
Figurative Language:
Imagery: "I guessed the uniforms were caging and bagging critters, tearing off molding and dismantling cabinetry to find hiding places,and sealing up any egress points to prevent further snake and spider leakage." (p.286)
Personification: "Terror glued my feet to the floor." (p.282)
Alliteration: "C.P., meet Capricorn Caputo, one of New York's Semi-Finest." (p.213)
Significant quotes:
Imagery: "I was being chased by a herd of blank-eyed, gaping-mouthed walking dead." (p.90)
"It's okay. I'm here for you, I've got you now. We're all going to be fine." (p.116)
-This quotes important because for the first time the Angel kids have stability. The kids are finally hearing that someone, (Uncle Jacob) actuaclly cares and loves them .
The story mainly takes place in New York City in "The Dakota" . A exclusive and infamous apartment complex that houses some of the wealthiest families in Manhattan. Where the Angel family lives in duplex 9G.The story also takes place in the NYC court house, in a large mahogany paneled courtroom.
Wealthy young ladies are being murdered all around the city, with NYPD not looking in right places. 16 year old Tandy Angel enters, after working her first case to solve the mystery of her parents death. Currently trying to help pardon her brother of killing his girlfriend and unborn child. Although as the murders hit closer and closer to home Tandy believe she'll be the next victim. She fits the killers profile perfectly, will she figure out before its too late?
Plot Summary(complex):
Rising Action:
-Finding postcards from James.
-The murder of 5 private school girls.

-Tandy figuring out the biggest clue in Matthews trial.
-Tandy figuring out about James.
-Tandy figuring out the killer in the private school murder cases.
-Figuring out who Jacob is.
-The Angel family finally living a normal life.
-Tandy rekindling old love.
-Juries decision on Matthews trial.

"I've saved hundreds of people in my life-time. How about you? Any of you ever save a life?"(p.113)
-This quotes important because it inspires Tandy to work hard and want to save lives. Which she successfully accomplishes several times.
"Focus, Tandy. Focus on the facts."(p.283)
-This quotes important because it causes Tandy to reflect on her past in "Fern Haven". Allowing her to finally accept that she's changed for the better, and overcome her horrible past.
-Peace and love always find a way.
-Never give up.
-The truth will always come out.
-Be courageous.

Private School Murder Victims:
Adele Church: Murdered on the John Lennon Memorial in Strawberry Fields, Central Park. She went to school with Tandy and C.P. at All Siants private school and was well liked. Originally ruled suicide because she was so depressed when her older brother left for college giving her a reason to die. Was taking anti-depressants before murdered.
Lena Watkins: Murdered outside her apartment. She was a 16 year old girl who had just recently been accepted early to Smith College. Originally ruled as a suicide because of a recent depressing break-up. At the time of her murder she was taking anti-depressants and was found with an unregistered gun.
Marla Henderson: Murdered on the Bow Bridge in Central Park. She was a 17 year old girl who went to Brilling private school and had an excellent GPA. Her father who she had been very close with had recently died of a sudden heart attack. When murdered she had been taking Paxil.
Stacy Blackburn: Was shot during a liquor store robbery on 64th St. Stacy attended Manhattan-Day private school.
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