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A shifting paradigm

Where careers work in schools is going?

Tristram Hooley

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of A shifting paradigm

April 2012 http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/s/statutory%20guidance%20for%20schools%20on%20careers%20guidance.pdf March 2012 May 2010 2000 2011 http://derby.openrepository.com/derby/bitstream/10545/196706/1/careers_transition_paper.pdf Education Act 2011 "[schools] must secure that all registered pupils at the school are provided with independent careers guidance during the relevant phase of their education." Vague and difficult to pin down.

The Statutory Guidance talks about schools securing access to "independent" (external) guidance and supporting it through "activities". November 2011 http://prezi.com/daoks0sjasf1/just-like-starting-over-the-future-of-careers-work-in-schools/ http://prezi.com/8jxoore5lnt5/schools-taking-charge/ July 2012 Career guidance in schools: A shifting paradigm http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/s/securing%20independent%20careers%20guidance%20a%20practical%20guide%20for%20schools.pdf Face-2-face is important
Activities need structure and planning
Refer to the National Careers Service
Quality assure your provision through a quality award (e.g. Investors in Careers), Matrix and using professional staff). October 2012 http://derby.openrepository.com/derby/bitstream/10545/243596/1/Progression%20in%20Kent-final.pdf Kent schools are doing better than the guidance What are schools in Kent doing?
Senior management buy in
School-based careers co-ordinators
Commitment to careers education
Combining related responsibilities
Contracting appropriate external provision November 2012 http://thepearsonthinktank.com/2012/careers-2020-options-for-future-careers-work-in-english-schools/ Identifies different models
activity-based approaches;
service-based approaches;
curriculum-led approaches. Where
next? Final thoughts
You'll wait a long time for a coherent policy
And then it will change
Schools should focus on using the policy framework to do the best for young people
Kent schools seem to be doing this The evidence says that the most effective model
starts early
is curriculum-based and integrated into the schools mission
is supported by an external partner with strong links to the learning and labour markets 1909 1970s 1997
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