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Government (Matrix)

No description

Kimmy Han

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Government (Matrix)

Government { Matrix}
1. Tony Abbott: Prime Minister
2. Kevin Andrew: Minister for social services
3. Bob Baldwin: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for industry
4. Bruce Billson: Minister for small business
5. Warren Truss: Deputy Prime Minister
6. Joe Hockey: The Treasurer
7.Greg Hunt: Minister for the Environment
8. Chris Hayes: Chief Opposition Whip
9. Andrew Robb: Minister for Trade and Investment
10. Stuart Robert: Assistant Minister for Defence

Justify why a law should be changed
I would choose the song Dwight Eisenhower if i had a political party because this song is mostly based on his life and the places he went. He fought in wars for America and became a five-star general in the United States during world war II. He was born in October 14th 1890 and died in March 28th 1969.
Find out the number of government and opposition members in each of the houses of parliament.

List as many people in the Federal Parliament as you can and identify their position

Draw your design for a new parliament house.
Select music for your political party
Make a flowchart of how an election works.

Use a Venn Diagram to compare the upper and lower house
Examine why Australia needed to become a Federation
Describe how you would feel if you were prime minister
I would feel very happy for myself although i might very tired its my job. (For example, me if i was prime minister)Today was a huge day, i never knew being prime minister could be this hard, if i had known years ago i`d go find another job of all the days of being prime minister, today was the busiest. in the morning i had to wake up earlier than usual, as if 5:00am wasn`t early enough, but being waked up at 3:00am really gave me a headache.
A law should be changed because of many reasons but the most terrible one i think is drugs, a lot of people in Australia and other countries suffer from taking drugs. Drugs are any substance, when taken into your body, alters your body function they can be good for you (e.g. medicine ) but if taken in bad way as written on top it alters your body function , so why don`t we 'End the war on drugs'? And save all this money for children education.

Children education is very
important, every children needs
support, at least 250 million
children are not able to read,
write or count well even for
those who have spent at least
four years in school.
Activity 1

Activity 2
The Canditates who wish
to be Members of Parliament nominate themselves.They need to pay a registration fee.

The candidates advertise themselves in their local electorate. They use posters, newspapers, radio and television. They tell people what they will do for them if they are elected. They sometimes say things about other people running against them so that people will not want to vote for them. They do their best to appear to be the best candidate.

Before election day, the ballot papers are printed and distributed to the polling places.

The public votes. They go to a polling place in their electorate, have their name marked off the electoral roll. The person issuing the voting paper asks three questions:
1. What is your name?
2. What is your address?
3. Have you voted in this election already?

When the polling places close, usually six o'clock, the votes are counted. The ballot boxes which have been sealed are opened up and the counting commences. For a winner to be declared they must have more than 50% of the vote.

Activity 3
the parliament house contains 2 houses. the first one is called the house of Representatives ( the green house) which contains 150 members. The second house is called the senate (the red house) , it contains 76 members, 12 from each state and 2 from each territory. The House of Representatives has 47 opposition members and the Senate has 8 opposition members.

Activity 5
Activity 4
activity 6
Upper House

has no role in the
choosing of a government

refuse the bill
and knock it back

executive government is
not responsible to the
upper house.
Lower House
More powerful

elected directly by the

where the Prime Minister
Activity 8

Activity 9
Australia wasn't know as a country in the olden days, it was mostly know as a continent with 6 states and 2 territories. every state and territories have their own leader but A few people wanted this to be changed. One day a person named Henry Parkes made a famous speech about federation. He convinced the leaders of the states and territories and to get together and talk about this. The leaders made a draft constitution. But the idea didn't pass through. Some people still fought for federation, but Eventually another constitution was made. All the colonies except for West Australia agreed. Australia was about to become a Federation.
The winner is declared and the election is over. The new or returning Members of Parliament take their position as part of our Federal Government representing the people who live in their electorate.
Houses of the parliament

Pay bills which become laws

Vote in parliament

Venn Diagram
House of Representatives

Definition of a government
The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office or a group of people that governs a community or unit. It sets and administers public policy and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs ,institution, and laws within a state.Referencing:

Activity 7
When the election is held,
the order of the candidates on the ballot paper is determined in a lotto-style draw so that the candidates appear randomly. The first candidate can sometimes
benefit from "Donkey Votes". These are votes where the voter simply votes from the top to the bottom of the ballot paper without giving it any real though.

The voter takes their voting
paper to a polling booth where
they mark their preferences on
the ballot paper. This means they put a 1 next to the person the think would be best, a 2 next to their second choice and so on until all the boxes are filled up. They can also just put a 1 in the box next to the party they wish to vote for.
The first preference votes are
counted. These are the votes with 1 next to them. If there is no winner after this first counting, the person who has the fewest 1 votes is removed from the counting and their number 2 votes are distributed. This means that their votes go to whichever candidate has 2 next to them.

The votes are totalled after this redistribution, and if there is still no
winner, the person who has the fewest
votes is removed, and their number 2
votes are distributed. This pattern continues until there is a candidate
who has more than 50% of the total

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