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No description

Valerie Zarate

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Optimist

Optimists Optimists are oriented toward helping people but realize the limits of trying to enforce the law and can avoid becoming frustrated when their goals are not met.
Their emphasis on due process is high while their emphasis on the need for social order is low. These police officers acknowledge that they will not be spending most of their time fighting crime. The Optimistic Club of Alexandria honored three law enforcement officials on Wednesday, October 24 at the Belle Haven Country Club. Officer Marcus Downey was recognized for his outstanding service and in particular for his efforts with young people. Officer Downey, a member of the Patrol Operations Bureau, has worked diligently for the past four years to revitalize the Alexandria Police Youth Camp. In addition to spending significant time at the camp during the summers where he could work with underprivileged children, he now serves on the camp's board with School Resources Officers and the Alexandria City Public Schools to identify young people who could most benefit from time at the camp. Biography Chief William H. Parker was a crusty law enforcement fundamentalist who spent 16 years building the Los Angeles Police Department into one of the best known, best paid and least corrupt in the U.S. There was a price though: a chilly distance between the cops and the slum Negroes that helped to start the 1965 Watts riots.
When Parker died at 64 last July, L. A. set out to find a successor skilled in ''community relations''-the art of enlisting citizens to help prevent crime rather than relying on repression after it happens. Optimists Description of Behavior Place a relatively high value on individual rights and see their job as people oriented, rather than crime oriented. By Angelica Diaz & Valerie Zarate Help those in trouble
Enjoy their Job
Are focused on Guiding Society
Place of Harmony Broderick’s Optimist Mirrors Muir’s Professional
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