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Monarch Butterfly

Where do mornarch butterflies come from?

Lisa Groot

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Monarch Butterfly

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Egg The eggs are laid on leaves, they are very small and round like a sesame seed.
But if you look very close you may be able to see the caterpillar forming inside the egg. Butterfly lifecycle The monarch butterfly is similar to other butterflies and its lifecycle consist of four stages Monarch butterfly Where do they come from? Within a few days the baby caterpillar begins to squirm and is ready to hatch The Larva (Caterpillar) First the caterpillar chews a hole in the egg and emerges from it several minutes after Then it will start eating the leaf it was laid on The caterpillar is very small, so they need to eat lots to grow fast The caterpillar is only 2 millimmetres long when it hatches As the caterpillar grows fast, they shed their skin several times The Pupa (Chrysalis) The monarch butterfly is now big enough to form a pupa The Pupas plant like appearnace may keep it from predators This is where the fun starts, the pupa undergoes a cool transformation This is called metamorphis After about one and a half weeks the pupa is now ready for its last stage Adult Butterfly After the caterpillar has finished changing and forming inside the pupa the monarch butterfly emerges from the chrysalis When the monarch has rested after emerging it will start to pump fluids into its wings because they were so small in the chrysalis Finally it is ready to take its first flight Now they will search for a mate to start the monarch butterfly lifecycle all over again
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