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Strategic Planning of Mang Inasal

No description

Khrizka Lim

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Strategic Planning of Mang Inasal

Question #5:
Do you anticipate making any changes in the strategic planning process at your company? If yes, explain.

The head office always has the decision for everything.
Question #4:
What are the major costs or problems in doing strategic planning in your business?

They don’t exactly answer the question regarding the strategic planning because it is confidential but what we always see, the major cost in conducting strategic planning is of course first the financial aspect of a business, ignoring marketplace reality, facts, and assumptions, and not having the right people involved.
Question #3
: What are the benefits of engaging in strategic planning?

The benefits of engaging in strategic planning are the following:
Establish direction for your business
Create longevity of the business
Increased profitability and market share
Increased job satisfaction –meaningful and full of purpose
Makes the future of your business

Experiential Exercise E1: Strategic Planning of a Local Company or Business

This activity is aimed at giving you practical knowledge about organizations in your city or town are doing strategic planning. This exercise also give you experience interacting on a professional basis with local business leaders.

Question #1:
How does your firm formally conduct strategic planning? Who is involved in the process?

Mang Inasal always conduct their strategic planning in the head office which includes Edgar “Injap” Sia II, the founder, CEO and the chairman that approves all the actions and strategies that they will use. In October 2010, Mang Inasal was acquired by the Jollibee Foods Corporation. The winning strategies that Mang Inasal has are they offer chicken inasal with soup and of course their unlimited rice and the price off their products are lower than the competition. They also use advertising, public relations, and word of mouth.
Question #2:
Does your firm have a written mission statement? How was the statement developed? When was the statement last changed?

Mang Inasal has their own mission which is “To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.” This mission was developed to motivate and retain employees and of course their customers in providing benefit programs, employment security and good working environment by applying new technologies for better and easy way of serving. Do their best to provide good quality products and services to the franchisees with fairness and integrity. And provide livelihood programs to the community by treating them as their business partners. It has always been their mission.
Strategic Planning of Mang Inasal
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