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Magnetism in the 21st Century

The uses of magnets in the 21st century.

rebecca bussard

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism in the 21st Century

Magnetism in the 21st Century Magnets Used inTransportation The Maglev train is just one of the many ways magnets are used today. The maglev train is a train that is powered and propelled by the use of powerful electromagnets. These trains use the basic principles of magnets, like how opposites attract and likes repel, to create a transportation system by the means of magnetic levitation. Magnets Used in Medicine These days magnets have been used in many medical instruments one of those instruments is the MRI machine, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging machine. This machine is used to detect bleeding, swelling, trauma, and many other dieases by using magnets to align protons of hydrogen atoms which are then touched by a beam of radio waves causing them to produce a faint signal which is picked up by a computer for the doctor to see. Magnets used in electronics A new device that uses magnets and currently has no name has been created.This device is said to be a new energy efficent energy source. The device is able to power a house from a permanent, clean, green, and virtually free energy source. The machine relys on the attraction and propultion of magnets. If it weren't for the magnets this device would probably be inefficent and/or not even working. Magnets used in toys One toy that uses magnets is the magnetic space wheel. This toy uses magnets that are built into the wheels of the toy to propel the wheel along a metal track without falling off even when traveling upside down. Without the magnets in the wheel the wheel would fall off the track, and the toy would be useless. Magnets in astronomy The Earth is a magnet it has two magnetic poles that control navagation, climate, migration, etc.
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