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Sarah Bilodeau

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Jeffers

robinson JEFFERS background Born January 10, 1887
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Reverend Dr. William Hamilton Jeffers
Annie Robinson Tuttle
Presbyterian Doctrine
Multilingual: Greek, Latin, German, French
Boarding School

1902: University of Western Pennsylvania
1905: Graduated from Occidental College
Spring 1906: University of Zurich, Switzerland [philosophy and literature]
September 1907: University of Southern California [medical school]
1910: University of Washington [forestry] Marriage
Met Una Call Kuster in 1906
Los Angeles attorney
Already married
Received divorce in 1913
Married Jeffers later that year influences NATURE Carmel, CA
Respecting nature
Observing the beauty

God created everything
He meant for everything to be reverenced
The world is divine
A great life that includes everything as one whole-all life and all things
GOD INHUMANISM Selfless attitude
Too focused on self to see God's beauty
Consiousness-either self-boasting and distorting universe or God driven and praising poetry Point Lobos, CA Carmel, CA The extraordinary patience of things!
This beautiful place defaced with a crop of surburban houses-
How beautiful when we first beheld it,
Unbroken field of poppy and lupin walled with clean cliffs;
No intrusion but two or three horses pasturing,
Or a few milch cows rubbing their flanks on the outcrop rockheads-
Now the spoiler has come: does it care?
Not faintly. It has all time. It knows the people are a tide
That swells and in time will ebb, and all
Their works dissolve. Meanwhile the image of the pristine beauty
Lives in the very grain of the granite,
Safe as the endless ocean that climbs our cliff.-As for us:
We must uncenter our minds from ourselves;
We must unhumanize our views a little, and become confident
As the rock and ocean that we were made from. Carmel Point The fierce musical cries of a couple of sparrowhawks hunting
on the headland,
Hovering and darting, their heads northwestward,
Prick like silver arrows shot through a curtain the noise of the
Trampling its granite; their red backs gleam
Under my window around the stone corners; nothing gracefuller,
Nimbler in the wind. Westward the wave-gleaners,
The old gray sea-going gulls are gathered together, the northwest
wind wakening
Their wings to the wild spirals of the wind-dance.
Fresh as the air, salt as the foam, play birds in the bright wind,
fly falcons
Forgetting the oak and the pinewood, come gulls
From the Carmel sands and the sands at the river-mouth, from
Lobos and out of the limitless
Power of the mass of the sea, for a poem
Needs multitude, multitudes of thoughts, all fierce, all flesh-eaters,
musically clamorous
Bright hawks that hover and dart headlong, and ungainly
Gray hungers fledged with desire of transgression, salt slimed
beaks, from the sharp
Rock-shores of the world and the secret waters Birds Hands Inside a cave in a narrow canyon near Tassajara
The vault of rock is painted with hands,
A multitude of hands in the twilight, a cloud of men's palms, no
No other picture. There's no one to say
Whether the brown shy quiet people who are dead intended
Religion or magic, or made their tracings
In the idleness of art; but over the division of years these careful
Signs-manual are now like a sealed message
Saying: 'Look: we also were human; we had hands, not paws.
All hail
You people with the cleverer hands, our supplanters
In the beautiful country; enjoy her a season, her beauty, and
come down
And be supplanted; for you also are human.'
Literary Devices Similes
Modern Language
2. The theme in which Jeffers bases a majority of his poetry around
5. Jeffers location of intense meditation.
7. Jeffers believe that everything God created should be __________.
8. Jeffers giving Mother Nature human like qualities
1. Jeffers belief that human consiousness can be used to honor God's creations or to be self-boasting
3. Greatly valued in Jeffers life; he had an eclectic one
4. What Jeffers used in his poetry to draw connections from everything back to nature
6. Jeffers influence in human form
8. The doctrine Jeffers grew up in.

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