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Pixar Vs. Dreamworks Statistics Project

No description

Alexis Huizar

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Pixar Vs. Dreamworks Statistics Project

Pixar vs. Dreamworks
Pixar and Dreamworks animation both specialize in creating fun-filled animated 3D animated films for people of all ages but one dominates the other.
I hypothesize that Pixar Animation has higher grossing animated films compared to Dreamworks
Pixar for the win! Yee-haw!
Onions have layers. Dreamworks has layers. They're the best!
Pixar Animation
Top 5 Grossing Animated Films
Domestic Gross
Toy Story 3: $415,004,880
Finding Nemo: $339,714,978
Up: $293,004,164
Monsters University: $268,492,764
The Incredibles: $261,441,092
Pixar Animation
Measures of Central Tendency
Mean: $315,531,576
on average, their top movies make over $300 million
Median: $293,004,164
Standard Deviation: 63,493,483.48

Dreamworks Animation
Top 5 Grossing Animated Films
Domestic Gross
Shrek 2: $441,226,247
Shrek the Third: $322,719,944
Shrek: $267,668,011
Shrek Forever After: $238,736,787
How To Train Your Dragon: $217,581,231
Dreamworks Animation
Measures of Central Tendency
Mean: $297,586,444
on average, their top grossing films make about $300 million
Median: $267,668,011
Standard Deviation: 89475296.45

Box & Whisker Plots
Q1: $228,159,009
Median: $267,668,011
Q3: $381,973,095.5
Mean: $297,586,444
Q1: $264,966,928
Median: $293,004,164
Q3: $377,359,929
Mean: $315,531,576
Despite my love for Dreamworks, Pixar ended up having the highest grossing films.
My hypothesis that Pixar would have a higher grossing rate was correct, although they were closer than I thought
Pixar has a slightly higher mean gross compared to Dreamworks
Box Office Mojo-http://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/chart/?id=pixar.htm
Meta Critic- http://www.metacritic.com/feature/pixar-vs-dreamworks-animation-comparison
Hollywood.com- http://www.hollywood.com/movies/pixar-vs-dreamworks-60226406/
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