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Copy of Tuck Everlasting

No description

Mrs. Kedzierski

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Tuck Everlasting

Drive Similes Chapter 10 Sketch Chapter 9 Tuck Everlasting ...and Queen Anne's lace lay dusty on the surface of the meadows LIKE foam on a painted sea. Who? Winnie, Mae, Tuck, (Miles and Jesse)
What? Winnie observes the house, Mae talks about her life
When? End of the day
Where? At the Tuck's house
Why? • the outside of the house, coming down the embankment (ch. 9)

• the inside of the house (see details from ch. 10) Who? Winnie, Mae, Tuck, (Miles and Jesse)
What? Winnie is traveling with the Tucks When? Late afternoon
Where? Arrive at the Tuck's house
Why? The Tuck's have "kidnapped" Winnie to protect
their secret ...a bag of cotton batting with wisps of its contents, LIKE snow, drifting into cracks and corners... An ancient green-plush sofa lolled alone in the center, LIKE yet another mossy fallen log... Use details from the book for your illustration Chapter 11 * Winnie wants to go home because
* She tells Tuck she has seen the
stranger before.
* Tuck wants to get Winnie home
because ___________________________________. Chapter 12 Things move/change: Metaphors The sun was dropping fast now,
a soft red sliding egg yoke... Water people Wheels If people knew about the spring they would ____________________________________ Chapter 13 Because the man in the yellow suit __________________ and _______________ I think ___________________________________ ________________________ is going to happen next. Chapter 14 Setting: _________________ Setting: ________________ What happened to the
Tuck's horse?
Turn & Talk After talking with Mae and Tuck, Winnie feels ______________________________________________________________ After talking with Jesse, Winnie feels ______________________________________________________________ Turn & Talk Chapter 15 Setting: ______________ Describe what is happening: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 16 Describe the constable ______________________
______________________ The man in the yellow suit wants to go on ahead because ______________
__________________________________________ What would the world be like if nothing died? Write in your Reader's Notebook
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