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Future Authors Program: Book Creation Steps

Step 1: Choose your book's format, enter its title, author name, and decide where you want to sell it.

Glenn Hunt

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Future Authors Program: Book Creation Steps

What is the title of my book?
You have
a story to

How do you
get started?

Log into your Lulu.com account.
Publish > Books

Our Book Publishing Wizard will
guide you through the process.

Title and Author Fields
Use proper title punctuation. The text entered here must match the title as it is displayed on the title page.

If your title includes a subtitle, enter both in the title field, separated by a colon (Title: Subtitle).

The author name should be entered as you wish it to appear on the book's cover. Include middle initials in the first name field (Alfred E.). Include professional credentials in the last name field (Newman, Ph.D).
Helpful Tips:
Each product line allows authors to choose from affordable, high quality options.

At this time, it is not possible to insert color pages into a print book. If your book requires color illustrations, the entire book will be printed as if every page were printed in color.
Enter the book title and author name.
Sell on the Lulu Marketplace
You can save and exit your project at
any time. Simply log back into your Lulu account, go to
My Lulu
, and click on the project name to continue creating your masterpiece.
The calculator estimates your book's production costs as you choose your options. Add page numbers for a more accurate estimate.
Your manuscript pages should be formatted to match the book's size selected in this step.
Hardcover & More
Click Download Template for a blank template, style guide, and cover dimensions for the book format you selected.
Spine Measurements displays cover dimensions for the options selected and page number entered.
Helpful Tips
Scroll down
Click to make a book with the selected options.
The options you choose are displayed in this specification list.
Choose the Casewrap Hardcover, US Trade, Full-color on White options.
When you are ready to create your book click
Publish > Books
to launch the book builder. Here you will choose your book's format.
Upload Your Manuscript
and choose your manuscript file.
For best results, your manuscript page size must be set to 6"x 9"
If your manuscript is less than 24 pages, add blank pages at the beginning and end of the text, otherwise you will receive an error message.
When the file has uploaded, click
Make Print-Ready File
Click the
Download and Review
link to view the file that will used to create your book.
Save & Continue
Every Book Needs a Cover
and choose the background for your book.
Image Only
if you have created your own cover art.
Or, choose one of the other themes to build your cover.
Add Images
to browse and select images for use on your bookcover.

Once images are uploaded, drag and drop them onto the front and back covers.

For best results, book cover image files should equal the size of the book cover - in this case 6"x 9"
Layout Options
If you choose one of Lulu's book cover themes, you can choose from a variety of cover layout options.

, then click on the front or back cover in the editor to view available options.

Click an option to apply it to your book cover.
Add images and drag them onto the layout where you see the camera icon.
Click in a text box to enter author information and your book summary / description.
Click on the book's spine and enter the title and author name.
Click on the book's spine and choose a color from the color board or use the dropper to choose a color from an image or from your book cover.
When your cover is complete, click the
Preview and Make Print-Ready Cover

Your cover will be displayed on the next page. You can create the cover or click
to continue editing.
Enter your metadata
Metadata is the information you would see if you were searching for a book in your library's card catalog or online.
Choose the category that best fits your book.
Complete the remaining fields. All fields marked as Required must be completed.
Most authors enter the summary from the book's back cover in this field.
Final Steps:

Enter a price of
on the pricing step and click
Save and Continue
On the next page, review your metadata.
If anything needs be changed, click the
button, make the required edit and then click the
Save and Continue
button to progress through the wizard back to the review page.
If everything is correct, click
Save and Finish
to publish your book.
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