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TPSD Speech 2014

Rashina Bhula (Susan)

Internal Comms TFA

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of TPSD Speech 2014

Susan Asiyanbi
Teacher Preparation, Support & Development

it takes many individual pieces to construct the whole
it collapses into it's individual pieces, but it expands and increases in volume as it opens b/c of the strength of the units working together

which represents the diversity of perspectives; the blend of colors is what makes it stand out
it is complex.
the atom has several joints which represents the need for us to be bound as one
it has many different colors
one collective TPSD team
170+ strong, made up of individuals with ~ 4 years of service
One of the teams with the greatest tenure and increasingly lowering turnover
Made up of those who were CMs and those who were not, but all who are able to contribute to our desire to make a difference for kids
Including staff members who served during the 90s - those who just left the corps in 2011
direct coaching support for TLD professional development
content pilots across regions helping CMs set up their students as critical thinkers for life
values-based reflection around the org creating a space for introspection
TAL + cycle of evolutions, our ability to highlight trends, dig into big questions, and use objective data... and so much more!
LaNiesha Cobb
Teacher Preparation Team
Tim Hughes
Teacher Preparation Team
Ted Quinn
Strategy & Research
Michael Aronson
Teacher Support & Development
Min Kim
Katie Tennessen Hooten
Teacher Support & Development
Annie O'Donnell
Waverly Elementary in Baltimore, where Annie taught 2nd grade

What would it take from our team to consistently support rigorous, Common Core-ready, and culturally responsive classrooms, like the one I just described?

The linear model predicts the district will have 4000 additional students.

The exponential model predicts it will have 6000 additional students.

The logarithmic model predicts it will have fewer students in the future than it does now.

Annie’s 8-month old

How many ELL teachers does our district need to hire 2 years from now?

Andrew Kaplan Mandel
Values-Based Leadership Collaborative
Trust exists among team members with individual TMT members
Many silos exist across TPSD sub-teams

We value our friendships and working relationships with our TPSD colleagues
The TPSD Management Team (TMT) feels anonymous and distant to TPSD

There is a lack of risk taking on TPSD

There is too much constant change and innovation on TPSD

There are a lot of hard-working, dedicated staff members on TPSD

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