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How the Skeletal and Muscular Systems work Together

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benjamin washington

on 26 September 2010

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Transcript of How the Skeletal and Muscular Systems work Together

Double click anywhere & add an idea Muscular System Skeletal System The function of the skeletal system
provides an internal framework for your
body, protects organs by enclosure, and holds
skeletal muscles in place so that the contraction
of the muscles can cause movement. Muscles are responsible for
all types of the body's movement,
due to contractions of the
muscles, which is due to the
movement of microfilaments. The muscle system provides movement of the body and its parts, helps to maintain posture, generates heat for the body, and stabalizes joints. The bones in the skeletal system help to support the body, they create the body's frame. The bones also help protect our body's soft
organs, that would be damaged easily without
our bones forming a protective shield over them. How the Skeletal &
Muscular System Work
Together Skeletal muscles are attached to
bones by tendons, which use the bones
as levers to move the body and its parts. Bones store fat in their
internal cavities, which
helps store minerals. Calcium must be present in blood
for the nervous system to send
messages, for muscles to contract
for movement, and for blood to clot.
Calcium is stored in your bones, which
helps the muscular system provide
movement for your body. As your muscles
get bigger, your
bones must get
bigger as well in
order to support the
bigger muscles,
otherwise your bones
would collapse and
break. Skeletal and Muscular
System Prezi
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