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The effect of Video Games on the Body

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Transcript of The effect of Video Games on the Body

The effects of Video Games on the Body
Can video games change your blood pressure, breathing rate, heart rate, and pain tolerance?
Natalia Zuñiga Y
Adriana Gabriela H
With this experiment, we want to demonstrate
the consequences of playing video games
constantly {In excess}.
There are some cases in wich
children have actually lost the
dimension of reality and time as a
result of having the control in his
hands more than they should.
The video games make children find the fast food like a solution that causes cardiovascular changes that can cause heart attacks.
The video games make that the children don't like the nature, play games outside, and go to the park.
It can become an addiction that can became a problem: The children don't have social contact and they don't get friends easily.
In many cases, children have sleeplessness because they use the consoles exaggerate. if their are used before bedtime it can disturb your sleep.
Mental health also deteriorated by the excessive use of this technology, then, if there are no limits, may intensify the possibility that children face a greater social isolation
Video games also have benefices...
It stimulates logic,visual acuity and also develops a faster reflex actions
The child may also be able to work better together and face the challenges.
Blood pressure monitor
Action video game and console

1.To begin this experiment, you’ll need an exciting video
game that’s fast-paced and involves danger

2. Look for people to take their pressure while they are playing and write their ages.
3. See how many times we take the blood pressure.
4.Now take your friends pulse
5.Now test your friends reaction time
6. Test your friends pain tolerance.
7. now turn on the video game for 10 minutes.
8.immediatetly after your friend stop playing you need to measure the preasure and write it.
9.resume game play for 5 minutes
10. Resume game play and take the pressure of the person that is playing.
11. Resume the game for another 5 minutes
12. Finally see how his blood pressure increase.
we play GTA V that is a dangerous game and we see how our preasure increase a lot with this game and then we fell scare.
we think that if we play this a lot we can lost the dimension of reality and we are going to scare constantly.

168, 189, 192 220, 221,240, 273, 278
we have our preasure playing the video game:

168, 189, 192, 220, 221, 240, 273, 278.
People can became addicted to the games and if their blood pressure increased it can be bad for health.
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