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Copy of Reading is Thinking: Within, Beyond, and about the Text

"Processing a text involves a wide range of actions: physical, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic."

Maryann Craig

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reading is Thinking: Within, Beyond, and about the Text

Reading is Thinking! About the Text Within the Text Beyond the Text Thinking Within the Text
Thinking Beyond the Text
Thinking About the Text Readers build their network of strategic actions across time as they engage with increasingly challenging texts! The reader processes the information in the text in order
to gain the basic or literal meaning.
Thinking within the text enables the reader to gather essential
information from the text. Thinking about the text is analytical.
Thinking about the text enables the reader
to learn more about how texts work and,
as a result, apply that information to achieve
a high level of understanding and enjoyment. The reader brings information to the
text that is not explicitly there.
Thinking beyond the text enables the
reader to understand the text more
fully, because the real meaning may be
different qualitatively from the literal
meaning. Almost all texts require thinking
beyond the text for true understanding.
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