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Copy of Grade 10 Graduation Planning

No description

Katherine Brach

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Grade 10 Graduation Planning

Grade 10 Graduation Planning
What You Need to Graduate
Starting this year, you have a lot more choice about what you learn in high school.

But in order to graduate with a Dogwood, every student in the graduation program has to pass certain basic courses.

By the time you complete grade 12, you will need to have a minimum of 80 credits.

Required Courses
>48 credits from required courses
>28 credits from elective courses
>4 credits from your Graduation Transition Program
Other Ways to Get Credits...
Exams, Awards and Scholarships
You are required to write ___ Government exams

>Grade 10 Language Arts
>Grade 10 Science
>Grade 10 Math
>Social Studies 11 or First Nations 12
>Grade 12 Language Arts
Financing Your Future
If you work and study hard at your courses there is a lot of money to be earned...
Grade 10
Required Courses
>Planning 10
>Language Arts 10
>Science 10
>Math 10
>PE 10
>Social Studies 10
Grade 11
Required Courses
>Language Arts 11
>Social Studies 11
>Math 11
>A Fine Art or Applied Skill (10, 11 or 12)
> A Science 11 or 12
Grade 12
Required Courses
>Language Arts 12

Credit Count
Each course is worth ____ credits.
Graduation Transitions
Worth ___ credits
Record at least ___ minutes of physical activity in each grades 10, 11 and 12.
Participate in at least __ hours of work experience or community service.
And more....
>External Credits
>Independent Directed Studies (IDS)
>Post Secondary Courses
>Distance Learning
Planning Your Courses=Planning Your Future
>What are you passionate about
>Where do your interests lie?
Choose A Focus Area
>Trades and Technology
>Fine Arts, Design and Media
>Fitness and Recreation
>Health and Education
>Science and Applied Science
>Tourism, Hospitality and Foods

Planning for Life Beyond Grade 12

more information go to www.educationplanner.bc.ca
>Grade 10 and 11 exams count for ___% of the final course mark.

>Grade 12 exams count for ___ of the final course mark.
Grade 12 Exams
Most grade 12 exams are optional but you may need to write them to reach your goals.
How Do I find Practice Exams?
>Go to www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/student.htm
>Google: something like "BC education practice exams"
Passport to Education
>Grade 10, 11 and 12 students can earn $_____ for each school year, based on academic and non-academic behaviours.

>Grade 12 students can earn $____ for their Passport to Education Award.
Grade 12 Exam Scholarships
>Students who write provincial exams in Grade 12 might qualify to win scholarships worth $1,000-$_________.

>Awards are based on academic achievement.
District Dogwood Scholarships
>Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in:
Fine Arts ( ... )
Applied Skills (...)
Physical Activity
Second Languages
>Apply at School Board Office
>Worth $_____ each.
Premier's Excellence Awards
>Nominated by Principal
>Recognize top graduating student in each region (15 regions in BC).
>Must attend BC Public Post-Secondary Institutions
>Must demonstrate Academic Excellence and be involved in Extra-Curricular Activities
>Worth $________
Other Awards
>SSS Scholarships and Bursaries Application
>UNBC Award
>Thousands of scholarships and awards are available on-line.
>What is the minimum number of credits required to graduate with a dogwood?

In which course do you start collecting evidence for your Graduation Transitions?
You must have_____ credits of Fine Arts or Applied Skills or a combination of both.
Name 2 Applied Skills and 2 Fine Arts Classes.
Name 3 ways other than school-based courses that students may earn graduation credits.
What courses have provincial exams?
If you are awarded the passport to education in all 3 years of high school, how much $ will you have?
How would you get more information about scholarships?
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