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Social Media Plan - Presentation II

No description

Si Chen

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Plan - Presentation II

-The study showed that US market, companies that are successful in Social Media put emphasis on asking questions and listening to their consumers’ answers. On the Japanese market, companies that perform well drive interaction through sales promotion.
<http://www.socialmediadelivered.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Social-Media-in-the-USA-Japan-and-Germany.pdf> Social Media Plan Take II About Kaede Benchmark Social Media Overview Facebook Pinterest Twitter Conclusion Kimono Design/Rental/Consultancy
Sales Boutique
Traditional and modern Kimono styles for men and women.
Fashion styling and consulting for events
Custom designs by order
Online fashion tips and insight into Asian style for the US market
Complete Kimono rental and dressing services
Kimono styles that range from formal wedding gowns to more casual party dresses
Wide range of accessories
Capturing events digitally or on print Kimono Hiro
Top competitor,
Kyotoya NY<http://www.kyotoyany.com/>
Store, No social media tools are being used
Arte Group Inc <http://www.artegroupinc.com/>
Facebook and Homepage
Yukata Kimono Market Sakura<http://www.kimono-yukata-market.com/>
Online site that ships from Japan
Twitter and a facebook
Online site, owned by a former ESL teacher
blogs, twitter, facebook, linkedin, blinklist, google plus,StubleUpon - Facebook
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- Blog User Statistics: 62% Female
Target: Japanese clients, big businesses, females 20-35 User Statistics: 58% female
Target: Females 18-35 Function:
Advertise kimono wedding
Display beautiful fabric & designs to bring attention to Kaede NYC
Engage customers to share their kimono pictures Our target: Females age 18-35
Make sure to include links to all social media on each platform.
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Blog
4. Pinterest
5. Instagram
Images and events
Expand to Youtube, Foursquare, and Mixi Facebook 901 million monthly active users where Twitter only has 140 million monthly active users
41% users log in daily where only 27% of Twitter users do
33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall Twitter
83% of people who complained on Twitter loved the response from those companies that did make the effort
67% followers will buy from the brands they follow where only 51% of Facebook fans will Pinterest In third place in terms of traffic for social networks, trailing Facebook and Twitter
59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on the site, 79% of Pinterest users are more likely to purchase items they’ve seen on Pinterest compared with Facebook users purchasing behavior http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/20/social-media-by-gender-women-pinterest-men-reddit-infographic_n_1613812.html http://thesocialskinny.com/99-new-social-media-stats-for-2012/ Future Project: Instagram Wordpress Blog “Increased frequency of blogging correlates with increased customer acquisition. 92% of of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, 66% for those who blogged monthly and 43% for those who posted less than monthly.” (Marketing Charts) Outside of Social Media Update the website calendar with NYC Japanese events and holidays
Promote kimono wearing for Japanese events such as Matsuri, Food festivals, Holidays, Mitsuwa
Location based service http://www.marketingcharts.com/direct/frequency-of-blogging-makes-a-difference-for-customer-acquisition-21276/ - Most popular site to share online purchases (55%), Twitter (22%), Pinterest (14%), Instagram (5%)
- What do people want from brands on social media?
83% want deals and promotions
70% want rewards programs
58% want exclusive content
55% want feedback on new products (source: AllTwitter) Content:
General facebook 'like' page
Personal pages for stylists
Photoshoots, Japanese NYC events, interesting reads
No auto-posting! Decreases likes and comments by 70% (Source: Hubspot)

Reach potential consumers
Push news headlines
Increase interactivity with consumers
Drive traffic back to official website Content:
Tweet in both English & Japanese
Bio includes website and blog information
Follow interests
New fabrics/designs
NYC Japanese Events
Asian fashion
Instagram pictures Function:
Maintain relationship with current client
Event & promotion
Focus on Japanese users. Tweet in both English and Japanese - Instagram
- Tumblr
- Youtube
- Foursquare NJ:13,146

NY: 24,277 http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/pdf/census/census2010/t_sf1_p9_nyc.pdf Census on Japanese residents as of 2010 User Statistics: 72% Female
Target: Females 25-40 Content:
Wedding Kimono
Fabric Designs
Asian fashion
Instagram pictures <http://blog.btrax.com/en/2011/12/26/how-the-shy-japanese-are-using-social-media/> By comparing social media strategies between Japan and the U.S. Content:
Asian fashion tips
Display designs/fabrics
Japanese NYC Events
Japanese cultural/news
Interesting articles Function:
Direct traffic to our main website
Strengthen client loyalty
Advertise our events/knowledge
Educate potential clients -Starting from 2004, the most popular social network in Japan is Mixi.
-The number of average friends is said to be 40 persons
-Since Japanese people are always caring about their off-line life, Mixi gives the Japanese comfort with its walls. Target:12% of online adults, mostly dominated by young adults 18-29
Visual Marketing: Social media users like images in posts
10 million users were using the app by September 2011 Content:
Customers to put up pictures
Present pictures of new stocks
Event pictures
Use hashtags Function:
Strengthening personal connection to clients
Transparency Tweets Still need a kimono for your child’s Shichi-Go-San Festival (children’s day)? Check out our vast selection of beautiful kimonos!
Traditional or avant-garde? Choose your own style designed by our own very kimono designers or wear the layers of beautiful traditional garment.
Look at this beautiful kimono worn by (insert model name). (PICTURE) Did you know that Kimono is considered as Japan's most beautiful treasures? #treasurehunt @kaedenyc
Interested in renting a kimono for an event or Japanese styled wedding? We can help you! #kaedenyc #nyc #kimono #fashion #japan Facebook Furture Project:
Targeting Japanese consumers Mixi -Japan is the ONLY country in the world where Twitter has a higher number of monthly unique visitors than Facebook Twitter
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