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Year 7 Monologues

No description

Jennifer Ludgate

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Year 7 Monologues

Learning Questions for today:
1) What is a monologue?
2) What do we need to know about our character
before we write a monologue?
3) Can we write the opening to a great monologue? Being a Character Character Thought
Tracking Individually focusing on your character sit....

and think!

Imagine what it would be like to be your
How do they feel?
What do they think?
What one emotion do you feel?

Write this word down in your book. MONOLOGUE
- A monologue is a long, uninterrupted speech from one character.
-In a monologue the audience may hear the character’s thoughts and feelings.

- Monologue comes from the Greek words ‘mono’ and ‘logos’ which together mean ‘speaking alone’. Using your understanding... Your task is to write a short monologue
about your character. You should tell us what that character thinks and feels during a point in the ballad.

You will each write the introduction to a monologue today.

Use the word bank and sentence starters to help.

Purple, Pink, Orange and Green tables must use the inspiration cards in their packs. Swap Chairs with...

Someone on another table who you haven't spoken to this week Using the Speaking and Listening Mats
listen to the other person's monologue.

Use the success criteria to:

Tell them what they did really well
Give them a specific piece of advice
Tell them how to improve. Put this word into a sentence where you are pretending to be the character.
You may use the words below to start:

I feel.... because.... Write a second sentence about a thought your character could have.

Eg. Frankie: I am extremely hurt by Johnny's cruel actions.

Level 3/4: Use at least one adjective in your sentence. (eg. awful, bad, beautiful, crazy)
Level 5/6: Use an adverb in your sentence (eg. Unsurprisingly, Angrily, Happily) As a group answer the following questions. Write your answers on the whiteboard so everyone can see.

1) What type of language will your character use? (Formal, slang, accent)
2) What will they want to say? (how much do they want to reveal?)
3) Who will they be speaking to? (audience, another character from the ballad, to themselves) Why, how impolite of him. I asked him a civil question, and he pretended not to hear me. That's not at all nice.

I say, Mr. White Rabbit, where are you going? Hmmm. He won't answer me. And I do so want to know what he is late for. I wonder if I might follow him. Why not? There's no rule that I may not go where I please. I - I will follow him. Wait for me, Mr. White Rabbit. I'm coming, too!

How curious. I never realised that rabbit holes were so dark . . . and so long . . . and so empty. I believe I have been falling for five minutes, and I still can't see the bottom! Hmph! After such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling downstairs. How brave they'll all think me at home. Alice's Monologue Pick a statement which best relates to what you have learnt this lesson. Explain how it is related...
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