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ECell IITK Campus

A brief look at the activities carried out by Ecell on campus

Rishikesh Mishra

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of ECell IITK Campus

Campus Cell LEM PRIME The Year At A Glance Promoting, Initiating and Supporting Entrepreneurship on campus.
Mr Krishna Uppuluri: Engineer to Entrepreneur- The First Flight BOOTCAMP Developing A Start-Up Blueprint Target: Enthusiasts with an idea 50 Participants, 10 teams. Skill development
Idea analysis
Team dynamics
Product development leverages
Sales and Marketing 5 B-plans into implementation Cash Prizes Bootcamps and Workshop

Connecting with more individuals with experience

Higher incentives to ideas
Industry Experience

Connecting similar ideas across the nation

Sample B-Plan ideas/challenges Possibilities with NEN Blueprint formulation
Facets of business Funding Fundas Presentation by Mr. Ravi Kiran
-Co-founder, Venture Nursery Target: Entrepreneurs in need of funding Angel Investment, accelerators


Talks and Conferences with Start-Ups
Experiences and Tips

Inviting VCs, investors to familiarize with the ground rules
Understanding the details Possibilities with NEN Laboratory in
Motivation Personal Anecdotes
Success Stories
Practicality and Ground Realities 200+ audience by Prof Sunil Handa (IIM-A) Industrial Trip Exposure to industry in Ahmedabad to Motivated individuals 150+ Registrations 12 Candidates
Industrial tour to Ahmedabad
Direction and Mentoring for Ideas Possibilities with NEN Inviting more speakers like Handa Sir
Entrepreneurial motivation
Attractive to existing startups to build contacts Industrial Trips
Identifying potential hubs
Connecting with mentors Wacky Idea Competition For the Masses Online Mass participation in ideation Solutions to world problems
Population Explosion, Food, Energy Crisis etc fb.com/ecelliitk On The Spot Participation of ~200 Idea design for target problem Waste management, water, hunger, global warming etc Cash Prizes worth 25k Target Specific Solution thinking More games and activities

Ideas on activities encouraging innovative thinking in the community

Incentives like internships Expanding with NEN Promoting Research, Innovation, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship Funding to promote and help entrepreneurs among the campus community Initiative of ‘83 Batch Alumni Future Plans D2D: Dare to Dream Virtual CEO Product Design Competition
Encouraging Innovators Feasibility not a constrain
Innovative thinking
Team Work
Idea Presentation Framework: Abstract -> Mentoring -> Judgement Unconstrained Innovation Case Study Challenges of taking the helm Firms, Situations and Strategies Prizes and experience A Taste of handling crunch situations
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