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Nestle Branding Presentation

No description

Levi Meyer

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Nestle Branding Presentation

Pivotal points in History
1860-1867 - Solution for Infant Nutrition
1938 - Nestle invents soluble powder
1970 - Deterioration of financial position
Oil Crisis
Exchange rate
1990s - Fall of trade barriers
Vital M&A
"Vital mergers & Acquisitions lead to unprecedented success for Nestle"
Change in Brand Direction
"Back to the core of Nestle"
Presentation Outline
Company Overview
Pivotal points in History of Nestle
Change in Brand Direction
Diversification & Investment in Health
BCG Matrix
Future proposal
How - Where - Why
Multinational food & beverage
HQ - Switzerland
450 Factories
Operates in 86 Countries
328,000 Employees
Largest food company - By Revenues
Company Overview
- Anglo-Swiss
- Alimentana
- Chocolate company
- Stouffers
- L'Oreal
- San Pellegrino
World's Leading Food Company
Leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Diversification & Investment in Health
"Implementation of a double - Shared value - Branding strategy of Wyeth & Nestle Corp.Brand"
Our Plan
How - Where - Why
"We will implement a double branding strategy with Nestle and Wyeth"

- Increase confidence in Wyeth brand
- Increase Nestle brand awareness
- Increase sales of both Wyeth & Nestle (Confectionery product focus)
Confectionery market
Nestle Institute of Health Science (NIHS)
“Biomedical Research“
Alzheimer &Aging

Nestle Health Science (NHSc)
6 Disease Areas
Pharma & Promatheus Lab
Investments/ Partnership
VitalFoods & Accera

Target Market
Branding Strategy
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