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Sentry Duty Robots

No description

J Lee

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Sentry Duty Robots

Sentry Duty Robots
By Justin Lee
What do sentry robots do and what job does it simulate?
Sentry robots are robots on a post that finds trespassers. The robot can shoot without human intervention, but is always under human supervision. It copies the job of a human solider on post on a borderline.
Samsung got a patent for the robot for South Korea and they named it the Samsung SGR-A1. South Korea is planning on using them on the demilitarized border between North Korea and South Korea to prevent people crossing the borders. It can find and lock down human-sized target from more than 2 miles away.
Where are sentry robots used and what is its work envelope?





Is the robotic end effector multi-functional?

No, it only can rotate horizontally, but it has an elevation controller that is mounted on a k-3 machine gun. The sentry duty robot has a swivel with a surveillance device to let humans see the target.
How is the robot taught perform its task?
The robot has programmed with infrared cameras with motion detectors in the eyes which can sense the object with heat from over 2 miles away. It has a finding device to determine what degree of elevation and windage to aim to alter the affects of gravity and wind that is changing the bullet's path.
The robot is programmed to wait for someone to confirm it is an enemy.
What sensors does the robot have and how does it use the sensors?
The robot is equipped with a tandem of camera and radar systems. They can detect intruders with heat and motion sensors.
Advantages of the robot?
Its advantages are that it won't go to sleep or get tired on the job, it excellent night vision, it can work in any condition and it can work without fear or a sense of revenge. Also, robots won't care about getting killed or injured.

Sentry duty robots also have many disadvantages. The disadvantages are that some people don't want the robot because it kills and the robot cannot make ethically correct decisions instead it only can decide the life and death decisions. Also, the robot is stationary.
Impact on the audience
Jobs that this robot can create
Robots can create less jobs for the human sentry soldiers, but they open up more positions for the military. Like all robots, it creates more jobs for engineers.
On the positive side,if the sentry robot replaces the human sentry soldiers, less humans have to stay around the dangerous demilitarized zone on the Korean border. Also, it will make leaders like Kim Jong-Un think before he tries to cross the border and invade South Korea On the contrary, the robots like these might lead toward a Terminator-type of world, when the robots feel that they don't need humans.
When the sentry duty robot is altered in a good way, it will become more ethical because it will shoot only your enemies. The robot can be altered to shoot only enemy soldiers. The range would increase. Later on, the robot can be equipped with less harmful ammo to for use in riot control.
How the robot can be altered
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