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The Tail of Emily Windsnap

No description

Courtney Desautels

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Tail of Emily Windsnap

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Emily and her mom live on their boat,
The King of the Sea.
Emily doesn't have a dad, or at least, one she can remember.
Mr. Beeston, the lighthouse keeper, comes to the
( the nickname for
The King of the Sea
) every day at three o'clock for doughnuts and coffee.
Figuring It Out

It all started the first time she went in the water...

Case Closed!
Mr. Beeston does tell Neptune and Emily, her mom, and Millie go to the underwater court and are put on trial. When Emily is asked to speak, she gives a fantastic speech. The jury meets and declares Emily, her mom, Millie,and even her dad free. The catch is they must go and live on an island in the Bermuda triangle. Shona and her family come too!
Emily thinks her new life will be wonderful but will it?

Have you ever had a SECRET?

Join Emily in her second adventure:
Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep.
Available at the public library.

Set Sail for the Great Mermer Reef!
One night Emily found another mermaid, Shona. They devised a plan to go to mermaid school, and learned a lot about illegal marriages. Emily's mom and dad married illegally. The consequence? Prison for life! Shona told Emily that there is a prison on the other side of the Great Mermer Reef.
That night Emily's mom went to a meeting and left Emily with her babysitter, Millie. When Millie fell asleep on the sofa Emily grabbed the ignition key and started up the
. Set sail for the Great Mermer Reef!
Story Time!
Suddenly, Emily hears the sound of a motorboat. And it seems to be heading right for her! Her mom and Mr. Beeston are on board! Once they are on board the
everyone wants an explanation of some sort! Finally Emily gets the explanations she wanted! Also as they get closer to the prison,her mom starts to remember her dad!
As they near the prison, Shona shows up!Emily dives in and together they create a hole to the prison but only Emily can fit through! The prison is guarded by hammer head sharks so Emily has to sneak in! Never the less, Emily finds her dad and they have a joyous father-daughter reunion! They talk about the past twelve years until the dinner bell rings. Emily has to go back before the guards bring her dad's dinner and spot her! As Emily swims back, Mr. Beeston, who is actually part merman, swims away and threatens to tell Neptune,the king of the oceans.
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