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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

No description

Eve Dekro

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising By: Eve & Ori Heinrich Himmler Nazi Soldiers Mordechai Anielewics HOW THE JEWS ATTACKED Final solution Hitlers Birthday Judenräte Jews had already been put into the Warsaw ghetto awaited the Treblinka Death camp Inside the Warsaw Ghetto the Nazi's
formed a 24 member Jewish council
known as the "Judenräte"

Tried to maintain order but soon lost the faith of the Jewish people. In 1940 the nazi party removed 80,000 non jewish people
to make room for 150,000 jews As a desperate way to control the jewish people
Adolf Hitler started deporting the jewish people to the
Treblinka death camp In April Himmler ordered that all jews be removed from the Warsaw ghetto by April 20th as a birthday present for Hitler. Jews attacked with Molotov cocktails which are
bombs made from bottles filled with flammable liquid and cloth like material

Gas, smoke bombs and flamethrowers

used to drive the resistance from their

1,500 armed jews
fought against jewish rebellion and deported them the leader of the Jewish Fighting Organization

This organization was started in secret to plan attack the
nazi soldiers

the resistance lasted for 28 days Why? When? Who? By the summer of '42 there were approx. 500,000 in
the ghetto During the next 2 years more than 150,000
jews died of diseases like typhus and also
through execution More than 5,000 Jews being removed from the ghetto each day.

This began on July 22, 1942

Amounted to a total of more than 260,000 Jews out of the ghetto by September Jews who were waiting to be sent to a death camp rebelled against nazi soldiers The jewish fighting organization launched a surprise attack against the Nazi's January 1943 Heinrich Himmler Visited the Ghetto and sent 8,000
Jews to Treblinka

Jews who did not obey and knew they were going to
die, waged a guerrilla warfare against the Nazi
soldiers The Jewish fighting organization was formed so the Jewish people could fight back. Lead by
Mordechai Anielewics The guerrilla warfare halted all deportations to the death camp which halted Himmler's plan to have all the jews in Treblinka Statistics Heinrich Himmler was an official who was
adamant on sending the jews who lived in the
Warsaw Ghetto. He sent all the jews to Treblinka as his plan and for Hitlers birthday
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