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Grading Policies

No description

Ann Czapski

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Grading Policies

Miss Czapski's Grading Policies
Tests, Quizzes, Projects...Oh My!
I use tests, quizzes, and projects as ways of assessing what you have learned in my class :)

Major assignments are often broken into two or three "mini-grades" for the math standards
Late or Missing Work
Any late or missing work will lose 7% each day it is late!

It is YOUR responsibility to stay on top of turning in your assignments complete and on time!
PowerSchool Standards
Problem Solving
If you have your homework completed on the day it is due, you will receive full credit.

Always show your work!

Each assignment is worth 2 points and will add up over the trimester.

Homework will be put into PowerSchool at the middle and end of a trimester.
These are "mini-quizzes" after each concept you have learned.

You may use homework, warm-ups, and notes when you are completing these assignments.

These will be graded once a week.
Writing Prompts
About once a week you will be given a writing assignment based on what you have been learning in class.

These should be done in complete sentences!
Didn't Do It!?
Late or incomplete homework will receive half credit, or 1 point.

Missing homework will receive not credit, or 0 points.
You will have the opportunity to complete corrections on ALMOST all assignments.

Corrected problems will receive half-credit back!
If it was worth 2 points, a correction will add 1 point back to the grade
If it was worth 1 point, a correction will add 1/2 point back to the grade :)

There is a Correction Sheet that must be filled out appropriately to receive credit back on the assignment.
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