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Supernatural in Shakespeare

No description

Lauren Segarra

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Supernatural in Shakespeare

What are the supernatural beliefs discussed in class yesterday?
Supernatural Influences
As you watch this next clip, consider the questions asked about how the witches' predictions influence the rest of the action in the play.
Video Clip
As you watch the clip, identify the beliefs described in the segment.

Then, compare them to how modern day society views the supernatural.
Act 3; Scene 4
As we read the scene, consider the supernatural aspects of the scene.
Beliefs during Shakespeare's Time
Supernatural in Shakespeare
Witches & Macbeth
Exit Slip:
How are the supernatural beliefs represented in Macbeth similar and different to those of today?
Ignorance and fear of the unknown resulted in many Elizabethan superstitions.
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