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about relief and history of the purist

mark watson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of puritanism

Puritans were regular citezens of england such as farmers and merchants as well as scholars who were against the Roman Catholic Church. Puritans were more extreme than the Protestents and wanted Church reform and basically purify some ceremonies used by the Roman Catholics
Puritans fought for Simpler worship, they didn`t like the idea of churches having music, religious images and written prayers. HISTORY Puritans moved to America in hopes of getting away of the extravegent lifestyles of the upper class in england and find a land where they could have simplistic lives and practice more simple worshipping as opposed to the ornate ways of the roman catholic Church. some puritans not only wanted church reform but to change the government as well when James I and Charles I threatened to banish the puritans out of thier land many moved to america,but not during the english civil war the pritans had no control of the government for a period, causing this migration to halt. the restoration of 1660 caused the puritans to lose control of the government in england, but the views of the puritans had become established in america, especially the idea of greater freedom and religion and government. Puritans were followers of the teachings of Calvin and believed, like the Separatists, that man was born in sin and they all bore the guilt of Adam and Eve. To become saved, they would have to prove they were worthy while here on earth. To be worthy one would prosper, be faithful, and lead a successful life. Instead of separating from the Church of England, they wanted to “purify” the Church of the influence of the Catholic Church within the Anglican Church, thus the name, Puritans. Puritans wanted to remove themselves from non-Puritans. They originally wanted to leave Great Britain because they were not pleased with the way non-Puritans were worshipping without much interference. Thanks for watching
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