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Argentina presentation

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Lauren Fleming

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Argentina presentation

Interesting Cultural Practice
If you were invited to a dinner in Argentina, it's common courtesy to give a small gift to the hostess. Don't ever give a knife or scissors because it symobilizes that you want to sever the relationship. Avoid pouring wine because it's hard to do it right.
Introdución a Argentina
La población de Argentina es cuarentiuno miliones gente.
Argentina está en Sudamérica. Al este de Chile, al oeste de Paraguay y Uruguay, y al sur de Bolivia y Brazil. Al en costa sureste de Sudamérica.
La Bandera
La bandera de Argentina está sencillo. La bandera tiene dos colores: azul y blanco y tiene un amarillo sol en el centro.
Tourist Sites
1) Iguazu Falls- This is located at the Argentina-Brazil border. There is a total of 275 waterfalls, getting up to 269 ft high. Visitors take a train to get there.
Estaciones y tiempo
En Argentina, el tiempo es muy diferente en diferentes lugares. En el norte, el tiempo hace calor y está mojado en el verano. En el invierno, el tiempo está medio y seco. En el sur, el tiempo hace calor en el verano. En el invierno, nieva.
Comida Popular
La comida más popular es la carne de res.

Otros comidas están empanadas, asado, carbonada, locro, ambrosía y dulce de leche.
El verano
El invierno
la carne de res
las empanadas
el locro
dulce de leche
2) Perito Moreno Glacier- A gigantic glacier in Los Glaciares National Park easily accesible from a boat tour.
3) San Carlos de Bariloche- A city in the Andes known for skiing, sight seeing, water sports, hiking, and climbing.
Current Event
There was recently a 3 kilometer race of waiters and waitresses carrying full trays to win a cash prize took pace in Buenos Aires.

Something Else
One of the most famous people in history in Argentina is Eva Peron. She was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946-1952. She is known for being a major activist for human rights and women's right to vote. There are songs and even a musical about her, called Evita.
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