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The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

No description

Cyril Gentizon

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

Summary of the chapters
New Characters
Role play
Chapter 151
Lot of things are mysteries.

People believing in ghosts

All mysteries have a explanation.

The fluctuating population of frogs in the pond near his school.
Role Play
Pages 142-143-143

Cyril and Gent = Christopher's Father

Situation :
Christopher read the letters
He is sick in the father's room
The Father is coming home and calling Christopher
The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time
Presented by Gent & Cyril
Part 7 (pages 125-144)
Chapter 157
Six day
Monday Father got phone call
Christopher discover 43 letters
Read 4 letters
The Father saw Christopher in his room
The mother is not dead
Ch. 157 What insights do Christopher's mother's letters give us into family life with Christopher?

How does the picture we'd had so far change ? What new element are there, in terms of mood and situation?

What ways are Christopher and his father actually alike in the way they react to Christopher's mother leaving?
What are Christopher's parents' good qualities? What are their flaws?
Three teams, one goal
Win !
Draw the word and find it !

Subject :
Violence can be a reasonable responce to an unreasonable situation.
First letter:
P. 131 : Christmas' picture, really good times (Christopher and his Mum)
Second letter:
P. 133 : Christopher's mother said that She was not a really good mother. (Differances)
P.134 : A lot of argumants between father and mother
P.135 : Stopped talking each other
P. 135 : The mother feel lonely with the family
P. 136 : I was like invisible (relation Christopher-father)

Christopher's mother is not dead, She don't had a heart attack. She leaves her family and she is with Roger
Christopher's father lied to his son about his mother.
The sad story of Christopher's mother was just a big lie.
Christopher's mother wants to see her son, but the father don't want it.
Christopher is lost and became sick when He discover the truth.
The father is confused and he try explain why he lied.
Uncle terry (p. 125)
Joseph Fleming (p.129)
Mr Davis (p.129)
Tyrone (p.129)
Mr Ennison (p.129)
Roger Shears (p. 135)
Christopher's mother (p. 133-141)
Angie (p. 139)
Mr Perkin (p. 139)
Mr Rashid (p. 139)
The both were confused, shocked, lost,...
P. 143: The father was confused when he read the Christopher's mother letter, two years ago.
P.141: Christopher feel giddy he has vertigo.

They discovered the Mother's intention by a letter:
Christopher by those in the cupboard.
Father by a note from his wife.

+ very sweet with his son
+ pacient
+ gets on with things and if the thing upset him he
doesn't let it show
- lies to his son about his wife's departure
+ loves his son
+ want to stay in touch with Christopher even if the
father won't
- not pacient
- becomes fast cross
- can't keep her temper
- her relation with his son was not very good
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