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Jonathan Isenhour

on 16 September 2013

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An Algonquin Indian Legend
This is the tale of a rabbit and an otter that even though they dislike each-other they must work together to save a native american tribe from starvation.
They ate food that animals liked to steal. They also ate eels when the rabit stole the eels that the otter caught and took them to the native americans.
The story begins with an otter finishing up fishing for his food, upon exiting the lake he finds that his eels have been stolen. Suspecting the rabbit for ths act of theft he follows the tracks. he follows the tracks until the lead to an old woman laying on the ground the elderly woman askes the otter to gather her some firewood. The otter being the kind animal that he is helps her out. after gathering a fair amount of fire wood for her he returns to here location only to find her gone and rabbit tracks leading in the opther direction. This is when the otter remebers that the rabbit could change his form. he follows the tracks to a village only to find the rabbit handing his eels over to a tribe. He decided to ambush the rabbit and figure out what was happening. After jumping the rabbit and asked him what the big idea was he learns that the tribe peoples food was being stolen. The otter wanted to help the tribe out so he and the rabbit stake out the tribe to figure out what was happening. Later on in the day a gang of small woodland creatures come up the the tribe and said that they would help find out who was stealing their food. The Otter figured that it was the woodlan creatures themselfs that were stealing the food, so the rabbit and the otter tail them back to their hidout that is whent he otters suspensions wher confirmed, he and the rabbit over heard the woodland creatures talking about how they had said they would guard the food so they wouldn't be suspected for stealing it, when in reality they were stealing it. The rabbit and the otter are then caught because the rabbit sneezed. and they are then taken hostage. the woodlandf creatures then tell them that they have tio help steal the food or they will have to kill them. The rabbit and the otter didn't want to steal ferom the native teribe but they didn't want to die, that is when the rabbitr hears what he belives to tbe the flute of the tribe's god. Thsi reminded him of a leason that the god once taught him, sometimes in order to defeat your opponent you must be like them. The rabbit thinking on his feet, comes up with a lie saying that he knew where the natives hid even more food. The woodland creature gang then commands him to show them where it is at. He keads them to a cliff and tells them it is just over the top of the hill. The woodland creature gang then runs up the hill only to find a cliff at the top but they couldn't stop in time and they all ran over the edge thus killing the woodland creature gang. Then everythign went back to normal.

Halfway point
This story shows culture by showing that the tribal men had faith in the animals to help them. While they may have had faith in the wrong group of animals, in the end it was the animals that saved them.
This story shows that the god they belived in will always watch over them. Even though he never interacts with the tribe people he helped the rabbit save the day by helping him rember what he once told him.
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