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How does music affect mood and behavior?

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Kalyna Slaton

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of How does music affect mood and behavior?

Kalyna S.
Deundra J.
Romello J. How does music affect a persons mood and behavior? Abstact Everyone feels emotion and everyone has different ways of dealing with or expressing their emotions. Many people use music to do such things. Music can evoke extreme feeling in people. It can also affect the behavior of people. Most music listeners find music that soothes them or heeds to their emotion although sometimes the music can control the emotion of the listener. Rap Music Music has the ability to elicit emotion from its listeners: happiness, sadness, relaxation, frustration and aggression are feelings conjured up by music. Our research showed that the violent and sexist lyrics found in rap music is a stimulus for aggressive behavior. Since music drives emotion the violent angry lyrics presented by rap music elicits an aggressive attitude. These songs activate awareness of sexist beliefs that already existed in the listeners brain and thus evoke a mental association between rap music and sexist attitudes. R&B Music This type of music plays a major role with our emotions and mood. Music in general but especially R&B music has been know to calm and rationalize someone in a way that other things cannot. Some types of R&B music are listened to because they give someone a sense of power. Usually, a person picks music based on the mood they are in.“ R&B music has a calming effect. It can bring mental relief and healing to someone in distress. “ THE END
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