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Uses of Computer in field of Sports

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Animesh Jain

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Uses of Computer in field of Sports

Computers are used to store and watch videos in sports.As there is a great need of videos in sports,because players watch other players playing styles from different angles to learn them through videos or they want to watch their own past performances in order remove drawbacks from them or thay can watch live matches etc.
Computers are used in sports each and everyday.It help sports organizations to achieve their goals.
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Safety is an important aspect in professional sports today. News stories are often released about the study of concussions on football and hockey athletes. To help minimize those injuries equipment developers have used computers to develop safer equipment.
Statistical data is very important for sports.Team players,Coaches,Public all want to know the past performance of team players.So computers can be used to record statistical data in different attractive ways.
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Miss Jyotirmayee Bhanja
Uses of Computer in field of Sports
For example, helmet company Riddell designed a new football helmet for the National Football League during the 2010 season after a number of players were injured by concussions. They used a variety of technological programs to design a helmet that would be able to absorb the constant impact and limit damage to the head and neck area. The same type of research is being done for such sports as hockey and auto racing to better improve the safety of the athletes.
Computers help gauge an athlete's performance during a specific training regimen. Trainers for sports teams can put a player's height, weight and body model into a computer and develop a training program that best fits her needs. Trainers can also put sensors and equipment onto a player during training, allowing the computer to register results while the player trains.
Uses of Computer in field of Sports
Computers play a major role in how well media outlets cover their respective sports.Sports media outlets use computers everyday in their jobs.writers use computer research for their subjects.They use various computer programs to make their writings attractive.
Computers play a part in scouting players on nearly all professional teams. Since the beginning of the 21st century, new technology has been developed by which scouts use computers to put in scouting information easily and speed up the process of evaluating players. One technology used in basketball is Pocket Hoops. It allows scouts to input where a player took a shot and whether he made the shot on his Pocket PC.
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Agam Jain
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