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Types of Utility

No description

meilan crump

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Types of Utility

Types of Utility
possession utility
simply having possession before payment
Form Utility
making a product ready for consumption by converting it to a form that is more beneficial to consumers than the raw material used to make it
information utility
seeing product information as beneficial from its packaging label,nutritional value.

time utility

being able to buy a product when it is convenient
how useful is a car if its still in the lot
buying clothes with a credit card
christmas decorations are offered right after halloween so that is when time utility is created
Place Utility
a new plasma tv coming complete with a detailed instruction manual
a sales person showing you all the features of your brand new car
people buy items such as furniture, electronics, or vehicles because the person is incapable of finding and putting all the parts together to create product
products are where theyre needed at
walmart that has many different kinds of product
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