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Touhou Project 101

No description

Yuki Hiiro

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Touhou Project 101

Touhou Project 101
Let`s go back, so what is it?
“The Touhou Project is a series of 2D (with 3D background) vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with four fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Tasogare Frontier. They are similar to regular shooting games, but focus more on weaving through complex patterns containing anywhere from dozens to hundreds of bullets. Every game in the Touhou series is set in the fantasy land of Gensokyo, and the series is known for its huge cast of characters, well-developed storylines, and related materials such as music CDs, fan-made comics and animated videos made to the music.” - Touhou Project Wiki
Minimum Knowledge!
“Bullet Hell” game for PC
Team Shanghai Alice
Basically one man, ZUN
Not a anime!!
Is it popular?
In Japan:
20% of Comiket circles
Six hundred thousand attendees
Nico-nico Douga genre (300,000)
Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai (5,000)
Pixiv (1,800,000)
"Amateur self-published works"
Lienient copyrights by ZUN
Strong name value
Starts with but not limited to:
Comic books, CDs, Video Games, Accessories
Doujin = Touhou?
In the US
“Most prolific fan-made shooter series” (Guinness World Records 2010)

19th in “Games currently popular with gamers in America” (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference)

And other cons
(Anime Weekend Atlanta, AnimeExpo, Otakon, AnimeCentral, A-Kon, AnimeBoston, SakuraCon, AnimeNorth, Fanime)
Gensokyo Radio
Touhou Wiki, Touhou Project Wiki

Ex-Taito creator
'96~'98 ZUN Soft
'02~Team Shanghai Alice
21 games in total
over half-million sold
LOVES beer.
Doujin Games
Official manga
Bougetsushou series
Sangetsusei series
Official book - Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Official artbooks
Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Seasonal Dream Vision
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
The Grimoire of Marisa
Symposium of Post-mysticism
Twilight Frontier, AQUA Style, Frontier Aja, Double Cluster, Strawberry Bose, Hachimitsu Kumasan, UTG Software...
Manpuku Shrine
Touhou Kinemakan
Doujin Anime
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