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"The weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh it's strengths." D

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Caitlin Pendred

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of "The weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh it's strengths." D

"The weaknesses of Virtue Ethics outweigh it's strengths." Discuss
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So what is Virtue Ethics?
Followers of Virtue Ethics believe that certain characteristics that a person has affect your decision making skills in ethical situations. It is also the morality inside you, and that the different characteristics make up your morality. The theory considers these characteristics rather than the consequences of an action.
Virtue ethics is a theory which is mainly supported by Aristotle. It is based on different virtues that a person should have, so that they can then reach Euadamonia. Euadamonia should be the end goal to everyone's life and it is the ultimate happiness.
Who decides what a good virtue is
Doesn't consider different cultures
Gilbert Harman believed that character traits were just an illusion
Its a particularist theory- it only considers certain virtues, which doesn't fit well in society
Criticized by Robert Louden for just concentrating on the individual.
good virtues can become bad in certain situations.
Anyone can follow this - Religious or not
Focus' on examining the character of the moral agent
Regards human relationships
It takes into account human emotions and responsibilities
It allows individuals to make ethical decisions based on their own opinions, rather a law such as utilitarianism or Kant's theory of morality.
It doesn't say its possible to solve every problem but it gives us the good virtues to make decisions.
It places virtues such as truth, honor and courage at the center of morality.
To conclude, the weaknesses of virtue ethics do not outweigh its strengths.
Virtue ethics is a good, strong theory and the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.
There are many strengths to the virtue ethics theory. The strengths are all good and clear which make the theory easy to follow.
There are some weaknesses to the theory, however the weaknesses are quite subjective. Most of the weaknesses are from other Philosophers perspectives so they are just opinions from one person. They are not factual critiques of the theory.
Also, there are more strengths than weaknesses regarding this theory.
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