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inside out and back again

book report

Jenna Walker

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of inside out and back again

Inside Out And Back
Again Part 4
From Now On Part 1 Saigon Part 3
Alabama Part 2
The Boat The Story The first part of the book Inside Out And Back again is about a Vietnam girl named Kim Ha who goes by Ha, lives in Vietnam in a town called Saigon. Ha's father went off to war to protect his country and mysteriously never came back home. Now Ha lives with her Mom, three older brothers, a chicken and, a giant papaya tree. There is only one problem Ha's family is forced to leave on a boat to America because the next day Saigon would get bombed. Ha leaves bringing one papaya, rice and her stuffed doll with her. In part 2 of Inside out and back again, Ha and her family are on a boat with tons of people. On the boat they are fed one glass of water and half a handful of rice every day. Ha also brings her own rice that turned moldy but it is the only extra thing she can eat. Her Mom gives her a notepad to write on to pass time but her Mom says to write small or there will be no space left. On the boat everyone goes to islands such as Guam. In the end people are brought to Florida to choose what country they want to go to and then get sponsored. Ha's family chose to go to Alabama because they have warm climate and school scholarships. Ha and her family get sponsored by a cowboy. In part 3 of Inside Out And Back Again Ha and her family are in Alabama. The cowboys wife teaches Ha and her brothers how to speak English, but without proper education Ha would not learn much. So she starts school. When Ha goes to school she gets bullied because she is not an American, she can't speak English and because she looks different. She gets followed home from school by people in her class. Ha's brother teaches Ha kung fu so she can defend herself. Ha eventually meets Pam and Stefan who are nice and like her just the way she is. One day when she was walking home and the bullies were behind her Ha fly-kicked them and they never bothered her again. In the end Ha meets new friends and she starts to like Alabama. She still misses Siagon but now she understands Alabama is much safer. By: Thanhha Lai Friendship And fly kicks Love Family Vietnam Alabama Cowboys Pictures Video School Papaya tree War Ship Ha THE END Thanks for watching
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