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Aide Grijalva

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Nature

What is Organic?
Jorn Utzon's Sydney Opera House
Arises "naturally" from the conjunction of the human idea with capacities and limitations of stone as a building material.
Wright admired the way Gothic forms seemed to be "in accord" with nature
Seems Organic like the process of nature.
Gothic building form grows out of matter.
In a Renaissance building, form is imposed upon matter.
Organic architecture favors a close relationship between form and materials.
Nature and society come first.
Relationship and Processes
Curved forms other than simple arches
Physical resemblance
What is Organic Architecture?
According to Frank Lloyd Wright, a building was organic if it emerged naturally from its circumstances of its creation.
Unity of space and form
Promotes harmony between man made structure and nature.
Bruce Goff's Bavinger House in Oklahoma
Bourges Cathedral
Rise to Architectural Form
Vernacular Architecture
In 1964 Barnard Rudofsky wrote
Architecture without Architects.
Buildings build in societies that have no concept of architecture as a profession or an academic discipline.
"Anonymous" builders do not fit the normal western concept of "architect."
Natural Forms
Over the past 40 years, connections between real philosophy has strengthened.
“Everything which happens and everything which appears is correlated with orders of differences: differences of level, temperature, pressure, tension, potential, differences of intensity.” - Gilles Deleuze

Architecture-Nature Relationship
The buildings designed by Antoni Guadi were often inspired by the forms of animals, plant and natural morphogenetic principles.
An example of this is the Colònia Güell Church.
Sacrada Familia Church
Evolution and Design
Through the usage of computers and algorithms, you can essential replicate nature.
However, you can not replicate evolution
Because of this, truly "organic" architecture, is still only an analogy and not a reality.
Houses in Morocco
Houses In Morocco
Each house was designed, but in accordance with tradition that has grown naturally out of climate, available materials, and cultural preferences.
Eden Project build in Cornwall by Nicholas Grimshaw.
Displays plants from around the world.
Steel rods and nodes of the framework are light enough to be manhandled.
Made from ETFE
Imitating a natural form making processes.
Not a glass window but an organic membrane.
What is Organic?
The Virtual Diagram
Computers have made it far easier for Architects to manipulate form in a 3D enviroment.
This allows for the ability to distort previously simple and "unnatural" forms such as cubes and turn them into something much more complex.
Architects still turn to nature for guidance.
Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium
Hotel Tassel in Brussels
"Folk building growing in response to actual needs, fitted into environment by people who knew no better than to fit them with native feeling."
-Frank Wright
A "Plantation Cottage" style building on Kauai, Hawaii.
Vernacular Architecture
Toda Hut in India
What is Organic Architecture?
Superficial resemblance to animals and plants.
Curved forms other than simple arches.
Iron columns curve and twist like the steams of a climbing plant.
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